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    Official: Auction for first US VW e-Golf raises $41,400 for Global Green charity
    EV Enthusiast Spends Big To Be First 1415288100

    Would having Jay Leno on hand have changed the outcome? That's what executives at Volkswagen might be asking after the German automaker auctioned off the company's first electric car in the US for around $6,000 over MSRP. VW auctioned off the first Volkswagen e-Golf in the US to raise money for ...

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    First BMW i8 in US sells for $825,000
    That's Six Times Base MSRP, But At Least Jay Leno Was There To Give The Car Away 1408392840

    Here are some numbers. The standard BMW i8 starts at starts at $135,700. The first i8 in the US was auctioned off at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance this past weekend and the auctioneers, Gooding & Company, said before the gavel was lifted the fist time that they expected the i8 with ...

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    Official: First BMW i8 in US to be auctioned off at Pebble Beach

    Snag yourself a BMW i8 at the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Weekend and you won't only be the first in the US to own this model, you'll be getting a one-of-a-kind version of BMW's new gas-electric plug-in marvel. The special i8 will come with a special exterior paint color (called ...

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    Auctions: eBay find of the day: Ed Begley's Toyota RAV4 EV
    Get a classic electric vehicle in good condition and with lots of cred 1402085820

    You might know Ed Begley, Jr. from his Emmy-nominated role on St. Elsewhere or as one of the dead drummers in This Is Spinal Tap, his appearances on Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, and Battlestar Galactica, his reality show Living With Ed or from his years as an environmental activist (or, ...

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    Report: Hybrid Technologies LLC increases Fisker bid to $55 million

    Will more money equal more Karma? In the continuing fight over the assets of extended-range plug-in vehicle maker Fisker Automotive, a Hong Kong-based investor is ready to up the stakes. Hybrid Tech Holdings has announced it will increase its bid for the maker of the Karma to $55 million. A ...

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    Report: CarCharging Group buys Ecotality assets for $3.4 million at auction

    Think of it as a plug-in pu pu platter, albeit a rather depressing one. That's the option cash-heavy investors with an eye for electrified light-duty vehicles had as charging-station maker Ecotality joined Fisker Automotive among entities whose assets were up for auction last week. When ...

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    Official: First Model S shows up on eBay, BIN price just $145,000

    Just because Tesla Motors hasn't made a profit yet doesn't mean early buyers of its cars can't. At least, that seems to be what one future owner of a Tesla Model S Signature Series is saying by putting his ordered-but-not-yet-delivered electric vehicle on eBay. The seller, who is based in ...

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    Official: eBay launches new 'Green Driving' site to promote eco-car sales

    Yes, Elon, there's a new way to buy Teslas on eBay. The world's biggest online auction company has launched a new site dedicated all things alt-fuel in an attempt to attract more car shoppers feeling stung by rising gas prices. eBay's "Green Driving" site lets the anti-gas-guzzler set break ...

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    1899 Columbia Electric Landaulet auctions for record-setting $550,000

    It's a bit of battery-powered history, the 1899 Columbia Electric Landaulet. And now it's in the vintage electric vehicle record books. Back in 1896, Colonel Albert Pope had become the nation's leading bicycle manufacturer and he aimed to blaze a path in the automotive industry. By year's ...

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    Fiat 500 sells for 200,000

    You must think that the buyer was crazy, as the Fiat 500 can be bought in the dealer for about £10,000. Why would someone pay £200,000 for one? The car was sold at an auction last week for the benefit of the ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) charity. The auction raised a total of £25 ...

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    Electric Vectrix scooter auction action for Amber Foundation

    eBay isn't the only EV auction action that's been going on recently. In a very successful effort to raise money for a British charity that helps young homeless people get their lives together, Eddie Jordan of Formula One fame, put up a pair of white Vectrix maxi-scooters to be sent home to the ...

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    A 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid for Charity

    A 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid donated by Ford helped generate $37,000 for the environmental group Heal the Bay at the organization's annual charity auction last week. Heal the Bay is a Santa Monica-based environmental group dedicated to improving water quality along California's coastline. The 2008 ...


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