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    Report: Toyota Prius is 2012's second-most searched car on Autoweek

    Searches don't equal purchases, but there's a lot of interest in the Toyota Prius out there – if not quite so much as for iconic muscle cars with horses on them. Hybrid Cars notes that the Prius was the second-most-searched-for model on Autoweek this year, trailing only the Ford Mustang and ...

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    Mitsubishi abandons in-wheel motors for electric car, still no plans to bring it to the U.S.

    Mitsubishi's annoucement of the "i MiEV" electric vehicle based on their "i" minicar has so far caused a bit of a stir. First, Automotive News reported that the car would be headed for the States. Then CNN said that the report was incorrect. Then, in a new article on Monday, AutoWeek, a sister ...

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    Toyota research: the bigger-is-better fad has passed

    AutoWeek is reporting that some executives and managers in the Toyota camp are worried that the upcoming second-generation Sequoia SUV will be too large for consumers' tastes. In the face of high gas prices, we saw a dramatic decline in the sales of large gas-guzzlers, but some executives are ...

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    Ford to offer North America's first light-duty diesel in the F-150 by 2009

    According to AutoWeek, Automotive News has reported that Ford will introduce North America's first light-duty diesel truck in either 2008 or 2009. The confirmation came from Ford's former vice-president of manufacturing for the Americas, Dave Szczupak,who retired last week.According to the former ...

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    A tale of deactivating cylinders: After 25 years GM finally succeeded with its Active Fuel Management

    For the history-minded, there's a short, interesting article on AutoWeek's website about GM's early difficulties and eventual success with their cylinder deactivation system. The article starts with GM's failed attempt at rolling out their first production engine with the system installed under the ...

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    Hybrids will play an important role in Toyota's future profits

    By next April Fool's Day, Toyota's savings from cutting the complexity of its vehicles' onboard computer systems will kick in and increase the company's profits. Another major source of profit in the years to come will be hybrid vehicles, said Toyota president Katsuaki Watanabe earlier this week ...


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