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    Official: BMW delivers first i3 EVs in Germany, ready to take on Europe

    Americans can't quite fully enjoy the BMW i3 for themselves quite yet, but the first few German EV fans are now out there driving around in an a BMW of their very own. The Bavarian Motor Works handed over the first batch in, surprise, Bavaria, where 46 special "i agents" picked up their cars at ...

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    Home charging: Renewable energy-powered MINI Es start testing in Munich

    MINI E - click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW has officially announced a partnership with the E.ON utility company to test drive 15 MINI Es in Münich, Germany. E.On will provide electricity for the cars in 13 special charging stations near the Museumislen area of town. The juice for ...

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    Bosch signs environmental pact with Bavaria

    Several German states have recently implemented environmental impact standards to try and proactively minimize pollution. Robert Bosch GmbH has signed an agreement with the state of Bavaria to follow those standards at all of their facilities in the state. Several Bosch sites were already members ...


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