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    Official: Atlanta, DC are two EV hotspots in patchwork quilt of green car demand

    To put a spin on the old Civil War story, Atlanta indeed is burning. But in this case, it's a good thing because the heat is a reference to the city's demand for electric vehicles. Atlanta is where EV demand is growing faster in that city than any other in the US, according to ChargePoint. The ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S headed to Vukee carsharing in San Francisco

    The San Francisco bay area continues to expand as a carsharing hub, and the latest addition is going to attract some attention. Vukee, a Palo Alto, CA-based company, is introducing the Tesla Model S to carsharers in that market as a way to stand out from larger carsharing providers like Zipcar ...

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    Report: SF Bay Area will get more quick-charging stations for Nissan Leafs

    Northern California Nissan Leaf owners may be in for their own San Francisco Treat of sorts, as the automaker said it's planning to deploy more quick-charging stations that will be accessible to the electric vehicles, Plug In Car reports. Nissan spokesman Tim Gallagher, speaking with the San ...

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    Report: Bay Area studying taxing the miles we drive: good idea or worst idea?

    In some ways, taxing people for the miles they drive makes sense. After all, we need money to keep roads in good shape and it already happens today, indirectly, through gasoline taxes. But when anyone talks about taxing the miles directly – i.e., through a mileage or "vehicle miles ...

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    Report: Coda approaches 110 miles in Bay Area test drive

    At least one person – a New York Times reviewer – has found that the Coda Sedan gets pretty impressive mileage out of a single charge. The tester reported reaching almost 110 miles on a single charge during a test drive. The Coda was driven on a 79-mile round trip on one day, and had ...

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    Report: San Francisco Bay Area will get e-bike sharing program

    For anyone looking to find out if an electric-powered bike can make it up Telegraph Hill's Filbert Street in San Francisco, you'll soon get your chance. The San Francisco Bay Area will be the site of an electric-bike sharing program designed to replace car trips in and around San Francisco and ...

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    Nissan and San Francisco team up on EV charging in Bay Area

    2010 Nissan Leaf - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Nissan is steaming ahead at full speed on its electric car plans but it's not ignoring the infrastructure elements required to make those vehicles a viable proposition. This week, the automaker announced a partnership with the city of San ...

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    Venture capitalists ready to throw money at green energy technology firms

    What ideas are worth buying into? It’s buried down a bit in the text, but this San Francisco Chronicle article makes it clear that technology companies that have bold ideas for green juice are getting funding out of venture capitalists. The paper reports that 172 companies in the Bay Area ...


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