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beijing auto show

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    Official: BYD bringing Tang plug-in hybrid, G5 sedan to Beijing

    The Beijing Auto Show kicks off next week in China and BYD has revealed its plans with the announcement of the Tang plug-in hybrid, G5 sedan and something called "542 Technology." Details are pretty sparse for now, but the short press release (available below) says that the Tang PHEV is going to ...

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    Beijing: Zaptera! The Aptera 2e resurfaces in China as Zap Jonway product *UPDATE

    You know that feeling you get when, after a few years, you remeet your biggest crush from high school and begin fantasizing about actually hooking up for real, only to be jerked back to harsh reality by the appearance of their present paramour? Well then, that is the emotional roller coaster we ...

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    Beijing: BYD's Beijing Motor Show line-up includes Chin Dual Mode, remote-controlled F3

    Looks like we got the name wrong, or at least the English version. Instead of Qin, as we noted yesterday, the new plug-in vehicle that BYD is going to unveil at the Beijing Motor Show next week will be called Chin. That's it in the picture above. BYD says the Chin will "Lead the EV way" with the ...

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    Beijing Preview: Voltec-powered Chevy crossover concept could debut

    Chevrolet Voltec CUV design patent – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The media previews for the 2010 Beijing Motor Show are happening at the end of this week and, assuming a certain Icelandic volcano doesn't upset the atmosphere further, we expect to be on hand. One of the possible ...

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    Chinese automaker IAT-auto introducing 3 green machines at Beijing Auto Show

    IAT-auto concepts – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Our Chinese translator is not on-site today so we take a post found on China Car Forums at its word. The site describes three new concepts that will be unveiled by Chinese automaker IAT-auto at the Beijing Auto Show later this ...

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    Beijing 2008: BYD e6 concept in the metal

    Click image for a gallery of the BYD e6Unfortunately, the arrival of the Beijing Motor Show didn't bring much new information regarding the BYD e6 electric MPV concept, but there's still news to report. The tech spec sheet displayed with the car indicates that it's (theoretically?) got motors for ...

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    Beijing '08 Preview: Great Wall Peri EV

    It would seem that a green theme will be present when Auto China 2008 kicks off in Beijing on Saturday. We've already seen BYD's e6 concept, and next up is an electric version of the Great Wall Peri. The Peri is the car that raised the ire of Fiat due to its strong resemblance to the Panda. ...


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