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    Official: California's Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Open Access Act would lower hurdles

    San Francisco and Los Angeles are known for their fog and smog, respectively, but at least the some folks representing the state of California want to make sure the view is crystal clear for plug-in drivers looking to juice up their vehicles. The EV Open Access Act, or SB454, was recently passed ...

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    House passes energy tax bill, White House threatens veto

    The House of Representatives passed the energy tax bill yesterday. The White House has threatened to veto the bill, but this one probably won't make it as far as the president's desk. Other bills similar to this energy tax bill died in the Senate but with $102 barrels of oil and $4 gallon of gas ...

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    House votes Wednesday for bill with plug-in hybrid tax break

    Late last year, the Energy Bill (and the new CAFE standard contained within) was passed and signed into law. Some things in the original Energy Bill didn't survive the Congressional process, though, like stopping tax breaks for oil companies. The House has now crafted a new "Energy Tax Package" ...

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    New Mexico House passes B5 by 2012 bill with 47-8 vote

    New Mexico has voted a through a House Bill that would require all diesel fuel sold in the state to be B5 by 2012. The bill, which passed the House in a 47-8 vote, moves to make diesel fuel containing five percent biodiesel compulsory for all state agencies and public schools from July 2010 ...

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    DOE proposes to delay energy bill's 2010 alternative fuel deadline 20 years

    Here's a lesson in legislation over-estimating reality. In 1992, Congress passed an aggressive energy bill requiring that 30 percent of the fuel powering U.S. cars come from sources other than gasoline. Sounds great, but the problem is that we're no where near meeting that deadline. Due to a recent ...


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