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    Official: UK's Bluebird will make September electric race a family affair

    Bluebird will make sure the debut of its electric vehicle is all in the family. The racing-vehicle maker, which is headed by UK racing royalty Don Wales, will enter an electric vehicle in a September race that will feature celebrity and father-son teams. The winner will take home the Bluebird ...

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    Official: Bluebird unveils unreal-looking Bluebird GTL for Formula E series

    Go ahead, feast your eyes on the kinds of vehicles that might compete in the FIA's upcoming Formula E. Maybe it's the enclosed cockpit, maybe it the Alien-esque color and lines, maybe it's just us, but the just-unveiled Bluebird GTL Formula E racing car concept looks for all the world like ...

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    Ford Ranger helps record-holding electric Bluebird make a move

    Ford has sent a diesel Ranger Thunder double cab to join up with team Bluebird as they attempt to shatter an existing electric vehicle land speed record. This after a setback in August where the Bluebird slid sidewards at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour while gunning for the record at ...

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    Report: Bluebird electric land speed record attempt ends in disaster

    An attempt to smash the UK's electric vehicle land speed record on Saturday reportedly ended in disaster as the Bluebird was badly damaged following an impact with a pothole. Foul weather limited visibility and, according to reports, a pothole, led to the near-catastrophic incident. Piloted by ...

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    Bluebird shooting to raise UK electric land speed record in 2011

    Back in August of 2000, Don Wales and the Bluebird Electric Team set the UK electric land speed record at 139 miles per hour at the Pendine Sands in Wales. The record has remained intact for more than ten years, but Wales is not willing to sit around and wait for someone else to take hold of the ...


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