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    Official: Renault, Bollore get together for new EV, Bluecar production, carsharing

    The Bollore Bluecar has a deep connection to Pininfarina. The Italian design house and coachbuilder helped Bollore create the B0 (the concept that led to the Bluecar) and has built all of the Bluecars to date. Starting in the second half of 2015, though, Renault is going to take over production ...

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    Report: Indianapolis utility customers will pay less for BlueIndy carsharing
    New Settlement Drops Monthly Fee From 44 to 28 Cents 1409090460

    The BlueIndy carsharing program is currently being tested in Indianapolis, IN, but there is already some good news to report. The utility company supporting the all-electric-vehicle system, Indianapolis Power And Light, originally thought it would charge its customers 44 cents a month for ...

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    Official: BlueCar car-sharing affiliate will debut in Indianapolis early next year

    Start your engines. Quietly. France's Bollore Group is putting a green spin on Indianapolis's motor-racing tradition by making official its planned debut of its all-electric car-sharing service in the US. It will be called, naturally, BlueIndy. Bollore, which is headed by French billionaire ...

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    Report: Two Autolib electric carshare vehicles catch fire in Paris

    The word for fire in French is "feu." We're not sure how to correctly translate "conspiracy theory," so we'll leave that one alone for now. Two Bollore Bluecar electric vehicles that were part of Autolib's carsharing service in Paris caught fire and were destroyed earlier this week, Plug In Cars ...

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    Official: Renault, Bollore partner on carsharing, electric vehicles

    Bolloré, the company behind the car-sharing service Autolib, is going to get to work alongside French automaker Renault on some of these newfangled mobility issues. The two companies have signed a letter of intent to collaborate on car-sharing operations and, possibly, to develop an ...

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    Report: Bollore accuses BMW of 'industrial espionage' over Bluecar EV secrets

    Bollore has a beef with BMW, and it's apparently serious. The company that runs the French carsharing service Autolib filed a criminal complaint against the German automaker of, "using spies to gather information on its electric cars," in the words of AFP. The problem, allegedly, is that two ...

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    Report: French car-sharing service Autolib will make US debut in Indianapolis

    Green car enthusiasts may have assumed that French electric car-sharing service Autolib would show up stateside in a city like San Francisco, Austin or Portland, but notoriously green Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard had other ideas. Led by Ballard, the racing city reached an agreement for ...

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    Report: Bollore Bluecar EV priced at 12,000 euros, plus 80-euro/month battery lease

    Bollore, the company that supplies electric cars to the Paris carsharing service Autolib, will begin selling the vehicles for a rock-bottom 12,000 euros (US$15,550). That sounds good, but remember that that's without a battery, which buyers would have to rent with a monthly service plan. It ...

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    Official: EIB loans Bollore 75 million euros to expand Autolib electric carsharing program

    It looks like Parisian electric-vehicle car-sharing service Autolib just got some more juice. The European Investment Bank (EIB) loaned France-based conglomerate Bollore 75 million euros ($98 million) to expand its Autolib service throughout the French capital. Last year, Bollore received a 130 ...

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    Pininfarina confirms production of 4,000 electric Bluecars

    Last December, billionaire tycoon Vincent Bollore made a commitment to invest over 100 million euros ($131 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) into Autolib, Paris' electric carsharing program. Aside from dishing out that substantial bit of coin, Bollore also announced that his company ...

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    Billionaire Bollore to invest $131M into Paris' Autolib program

    Billionaire tycoon Vincent Bollore has committed to invest over 100 million euros ($131 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) into Autolib, Paris' electric carsharing program. The city's car-for-hire scheme is modeled after the successful, but often times problematic, Vélib ...

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    Pininfarina negotiates deal that may terminate electric vehicle venture with Bollore

    2008 Pininfarina B0 concept, the basis for the Bluecar – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The pint-sized four-door car that debuted as the B0 concept at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2009 should hit the market as the electric Bluecar early next year. The battery-powered commuter, ...

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    Bollore and Pininfarina target fall 2010 launch for Bluecar EV

    Pininfarina B0 concept, the basis for the Bluecar – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The car that we first saw as the B0 concept a year ago at the Geneva Motor Show could be on the market by the fall of this year. The electric commuter car has been jointly developed by the French ...

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    REPORT: Pininfarinia, Bollore Bluecar still on track

    Pininfarina B0 concept, the basis for the Bluecar - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Leaving recent rumors that Pininfarina might be working with PSA to build the all-electric Bluecar (based on the Pininfarina B0 concept) untouched, Pininfarina S.p.A. CEO Silvio Pietro Angori told the ...

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    Rumormill: PSA to build Bolloré's BlueCar/B0?

    2008 Pininfarina B0 concept, the basis for the Bluecar - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Since Pininfarina is going through some rough times,the French press is speculating about what Bolloré is going to do about manufacturing the BlueCar. According to Ouest-France, Bolloré ...

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    Pininfarina Bluecar confirmed for sale next year

    2008 Pininfarina B0 concept, the basis for the Bluecar - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Bolloré has reportedly decided to hurry up and get the Bluecar ready for 2010, which is when France plans to start subventing the purchase of electric vehicles. Speaking at a press conference ...

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    Bolloré reports 3,300 reservations for electric Pininfarina BlueCar

    Pininfarina B0 concept - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Back at the beginning of March, Pininfarina began accepting reservations for the new electric BlueCar hatchback, which it co-designed with French battery maker Bolloré. According to the Bolloré Group's latest financial ...

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    Heuliez begins accepting orders for Friendly electric car in France

    Last fall at the Paris Motor Show, auto parts supplier and part-time vehicle assembler Heuliez debuted an electric car called the Friendly. As of Thursday, the three-seat electric vehicles were made available for pre-order on the internet. Three different versions of the Friendly will be available, ...

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    Geneva 2009: Pininfarina and Bollor now accepting orders for all-electric B0

    Click on picture for a complete high-resolution gallery of the B0 concept
    If you're a fan of Pininfarina's B0 concept, go and join the list. The two partners in the car, Pininfarina and Bolloré, have officially opened their registration list for a €330 per month lease for the car. The ...

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    Bollor courts Evo Morales and Bolivia's lithium

    French industry giant Group Bolloré, which we're familar with for their involvement with Pininfarina in a handful of interesting electric car projects, announced it has contacted Bolivian President Evo Morales to secure a supply of lithium in order to produce advanced batteries. Negotiations ...


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