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boris zingarevich

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    Official: Think Global purchased by Electric Mobility Solutions AS

    Electric automaker Think rises once again. Following the company's latest bankruptcy and rumors that the long-running EV maker would be bought by Turkey's BD Otomotiv, it is now official that Russian investor Boris Zingarevich has taken hold of Think and will relaunch the company. Zingarevich, ...

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    Report: Think purchased by Russian Boris Zingarevich

    Here's a twist. After Think filed once again for bankruptcy, rumors floated around that Turkey's BD Otomotiv was interested in buying the Norwegian electric car company. Those have quieted down, but Ener1, the battery maker that was invested in the automaker, is Think's largest creditor and is ...

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    Putin's pal's ownership stake raises questions about Ener1 DOE loan

    Aside from the environmental argument for moving away from imported fuels toward electric-powered transportation, the case is often made that energy independence is important for national security. Charles Gassenheimer, CEO of Ener1, whose Enerdel subsidiary makes the lithium ion batteries that ...


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