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    Official: Boston Power to supply packs for battery-powered Beijing Electric C70

    After years of effort, Boston Power's lithium-ion Swing Power cells will finally find a home inside a Saab chassis. In a roundabout sort of way. Originally, the company was a partner in the ZE Saab 9-3 project. That venture then morphed into the 9-3 ePower, which at one point was on its way to ...

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    Boston-Power secures $125 million in funds, will move most operations to China

    China-based GSR Ventures led a $125-million investment round for Massachusetts firm Boston-Power, a startup that designs and manufacturers application-specific lithium-ion batteries, mainly for automotive applications. To date, Boston-Power has raised some $320 million since its founding in 2005. ...

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    Boston-Power CEO predicts annual sales of plug-in cars will reach 100,000 in 3-to-5 years

    As we've touched upon before, it's often wise to turn to suppliers if you're searching for an accurate prediction regarding the future of the automotive industry. Why? Because suppliers must get ready for a changing industry and be prepared to deliver products as needed. If suppliers don't have ...

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    Boston-Power adds EV-1 executive Robert Purcell to Board

    While they've been doing quite well selling their Sonata laptop batteries, Boston Power would really like to get their automotive market mojo rising since, so far, they've only managed to get their lithium Swing cells into an all-electric ZE Saab 9-3, the product of a small consortium that ...

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    Coalition debuts all-electric ZE Saab 9-3

    ZE Saab 9-3 - Click above to view the video after the jump
    While some may already be writing obituaries in anticipation of Saab's demise (it has two weeks to live if Spyker doesn't buy it), the troubled Swedish automaker seems to be busy keeping up appearances, unveiling an all-electric version ...

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    Boston Power plans manufacturing facility for Massachusetts, seeks DOE dollars

    The battery makers vying for dollars from the Department of Energy's (DOE) Electric Drive Vehicle Battery & Component Manufacturing Initiative just got a little more competition. Boston Power has announced plans to build an advanced lithium ion battery plant in Massachusetts and is seeking $100 ...

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    Boston Power opening transportation battery division

    It looks like Boston Power will try to do for electric vehicles what it did for laptops. The company developed the Sonata brand which recharges faster, packs more energy and last longer than "regular" laptop batteries. They are also safer. CEO Christina Lampe-Onnerud, founder of the young company, ...


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