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bottled water

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    Video: Honda releases H2O brand bottled water to promote FCX Clarity
    But uses 'plain old spring water' in hydrogen fuel cell ad 1400110140

    Remember when Hollywood stars Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds) and Joshua Jackson (Fringe) took a Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell into Death Valley and "survived" by drinking water from the car's tailpipe? Honda has taken that idea into movie theaters in Australia. The idea, but not fuel cell ...

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    Ann Arbor moves to ban bottled water sales from city events

    Michigan is known as the Great Lakes State since it borders on four of the five Great Lakes. Much of the state's economy is dependent at least in part on the supply of water from the lakes either to feed industry or tourism. For years that has been concern in the state about large scale bottlers ...

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    Poland Springs switches tankers to B5, bottled water still a huge waste

    The Poland Springs unit of the Nestle company has announced that they are switching over their entire water tanker fleet to running on B5 biodiesel. The company expects the change to yield reductions in carbon dioxide emissions of 1.8 million pounds per year. Poland Spring's use of biodiesel is ...


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