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    Report: House to hold investigative hearings on Chevy Volt fire "silence"

    Regular readers probably know the story of the Chevrolet Volt NHTSA post-crash fire by heart, but here are the important details as a refresher: The original car that triggered the investigation was crash tested by NHTSA in May. Three weeks later, in early June, the same car caught fire while in ...

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    Breaking: Aptera pulls the plug

    Just over a month ago, Aptera was promising rebirth with Aptera 2.0. The promise will not be kept. Today, the company announced it is closing its doors, effective immediately. In an email to supporters, president and CEO Paul Wilbur wrote, "We are out of resources." His letter (available in full ...

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    Official: GM will loan free cars to Chevy Volt owners who have "fire anxiety"

    GM may have designed the Chevrolet Volt to cancel out potential "range anxiety," but the company is responding to a new type of worry today: fear that the Volt's battery will catch fire. The problem? A Volt that had been crash tested in May caught fire three weeks after the crash conducted ...

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    Los Angeles: 2012 Green Car of the Year winner is the Honda Civic Natural Gas

    The 2012 Green Car of the Year award was snagged from the electric and diesel jaws of its competitors by the Honda Civic Natural Gas. In a year full of standard gasoline powertrain alternatives, the Civic beat out the Ford Focus Electric, Mitsubishi i, Toyota Prius V and the Volkswagen Passat ...

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    Official: Ford Focus Electric priced from $39,200* [UDPATE]

    The 2012 Ford Focus Electric showed up on the company website's configurator this morning with a base price of $39,200 before state and federal incentives, plus an additional $795 for destination charges. That brings the total base starting price of the Focus Electric to $39,995. Factor in a ...

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    Official: GM announces all-electric Spark city car for "select" areas of U.S. *UPDATE

    Looks like there was a good reason General Motors dropped the "More car than electric" tagline for the Chevy Volt. That anti-EV phrase was always short-sighted, and the reason why could be on display later this morning in Detroit. Reports out now say that GM will announce a new U.S.-bound ...

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    Hybrid vehicle sales slip in September 2011; Prius tops chart again *UPDATE

    It's that time of month again. September 2011 sales in the U.S. have been tallied (see plug-in results here) and so we took a look at the good-old green standby, hybrid vehicles. With quake-related vehicle production issues more or less out of the picture, output of most hybrid vehicles is back ...

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    Nissan Leaf still beats Chevy Volt in September 2011 U.S. sales, but not by much

    In the battle for plug-in vehicle U.S. sales supremacy, the electric-only Nissan Leaf has emerged the victor once again, beating the Chevrolet Volt for the sixth consecutive month (April, May, June, July, August and now September). Its half-year reign as the plug-in champ has jolted the Leaf well ...

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    Report: U.S. House votes to cut $1.5 billion from Federal advanced auto loan program

    Early this morning, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve (291-in-favor, 27-against) a stopgap funding bill that cuts $1.5 billion from the Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) Loan Program. Republicans narrowly won support of a bill that funds ...

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    Frankfurt: Fisker Surf shooting brake gets revealed in Frankfurt

    Fisker has peeled back the sheets to unveil its Surf, a wagon-like derivative of the plug-in Karma sedan. The Surf shooting brake, claimed to target the premium turf staked out by the Ferrari FF, appears to be worthy of competing with the world's luxury marques. Fisker says the "stunning" Surf ...

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    Official: Mitsubishi raises price of all-electric i by an "unforeseen" $1,135

    Back in April, Mitsubishi made a huge deal about the comparatively low price of its all-electric i: $27,990 (which drops to $20,490 after the $7,500 tax credit is applied) for the base ES version. The SE and SE Premium were $2,000 and $4,790 more, respectively, and all those prices need another ...

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    Breaking: Daimler rethinks Fortwo with solar, organic Smart Forvision concept

    Daimler's iconic Smart Fortwo has taken a lot of forms over the years, morphing into everything from special editions to all-electric drive, but there is more life left in the little two-seater. The latest iteration, released today, is the Smart Forvision, a new all-electric concept that Daimler ...

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    Breaking: Still electric: Nissan Leaf sales hit 1,362, Chevy Volt at 302 in August

    In the battle for plug-in vehicle sales supremacy, the electric-only Nissan Leaf has again emerged the victor for the month of August, beating the Chevrolet Volt for the fifth consecutive month (April, May, June, July and August). Yes, this is no longer some sort of short-lived trend. Nissan ...

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    Breaking: Fisker Nina to be powered by turbocharged BMW four-cylinder engine

    Henrik Fisker has a history with BMW, and his new company is about to get a future with the German automaker, as well. Fisker Automotive announced today the signing of an exclusive agreement with BMW that calls for the German automaker to supply its remarkable turbocharged four-cylinder engines ...

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    Toyota smashes electric vehicle record with 7.47:79 Nürburgring lap time [w/video]

    Toyota's TMG EV P001 – perhaps trying to outrun its boring name – smashed the existing lap record for an electric vehicle on the famed 12.93-mile Nürburgring Nordschleife track with a time of 7 minutes and 47.79 seconds. This beats the previous electric car time by a healthy ...

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    Breaking: Ford, Toyota will partner on RWD hybrid system for trucks and SUVs

    Is the Prius V not big enough for you? Then you'll probably be interested to learn that Ford and Toyota announced a new partnership today to develop a new hybrid system for SUVs and light trucks. The "equal partners" deal should result in a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain that will be ready ...

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    Official: Cadillac confirms production ELR coupe using Chevy Volt technology

    Cadillac has just announced that the production version of its 2009 Detroit Auto Show show star, the Converj Concept, is on the way. Dubbed ELR and borrowing technology from the Chevrolet Volt, the on-again, off-again angular coupe had been rumored anew in the last few days. Now, Cadillac has ...

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    Report: Aptera refunding deposits

    Aptera 2e – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There was good news and bad news out of the Aptera camp last month. The good: The company raised another $2.25 million. The bad: Reservations are now no longer being accepted. We just got word that the bad news is stacking up: Aptera is ...

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    Official: First-ever heavy-duty truck efficiency standards announced, will save a month's worth of oil

    If you're not sure why today's announcement from the Obama Administration about the first-ever fuel economy standards for heavy-duty trucks and buses is important, read this. Okay, now that we're all on the same page, let's take a look at the new standards. These aren't specific MPG targets like ...

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    Report: Prius Plug-in deliveries set for March 2012; will have two trims, five colors

    Toyota Prius Plug-in – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Toyota Prius Plug-in is coming in early 2012 and, thanks to AutoblogGreen tipster usbseawolf2000, we've got some exclusive details: Two trim levels Five exterior colors Additional accessories/options ...


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