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byd e6

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    Official: BYD gets order for 3,000 all-electric taxis, buses from Hangzhou, China

    Who needs Long Beach when you have Hangzhou? BYD could happily be asking itself that question after the China city agreed to purchase 2,000 battery-electric buses and 1,000 electric e6 taxis from the China-based vehicle maker. BYD calls the purchase "record-setting" and says it will deliver half ...

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    Read This: Why US roads aren't smothered in BYD electric vehicles

    Remember back in 2008 when BYD (Build Your Dreams) first displayed its fuel saving hybrid at the Detroit Auto Show and later announced plans to begin selling in the US in 2010? A quick glance at any street in the country will provide ample evidence that the Chinese automaker has failed to smother ...

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    Report: BYD CEO calls Tesla a rich man's toy, not worried about competition

    We've heard the comment, "the Tesla Model S is a rich man's toy" before. Usually it comes from a Cranky McCrankster-type of character in the Comments beneath posts about the all-electric automobile. Not everyone sees the utility of an expensive car that can seat up to seven, run with Corvettes ...

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    Report: Green Tomato Cars, BYD scrap electric taxi deal for London

    Splat! That's the sound that the agreement that London taxi company Green Tomato Cars had with Chinese electric-vehicle maker BYD made as it hit the proverbial pavement recently. The deal has fallen through, but no reason was given, according to the UK's Telegraph. In October 2012, Green Tomato ...

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    Report: Taiwanese taxi group orders 1,500 e6 EVs from BYD

    Taiwan may be small in the grand scheme of things - the island off of China's southeastern coast is slightly larger than Maryland - but it's a big deal for BYD and sales of that automaker's e6 electric vehicle. BYD Taiwan, a partnership between BYD Hong Kong and Taiwan Solar Energy Co., has ...

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    Official: 45 BYD e6 EVs make up South America's largest all-electric taxi service

    BYD can now lay claim to producing South America's largest all-electric taxi fleet. The China-based automaker said 45 BYD e6 EVs have been put into taxi service in Bogota, Colombia. The crossover EVs are part of a pilot project geared to boost green-car adoption in Colombia and are said to have a ...

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    Report: BYD e6 EV will be sold in the US only to fleet buyers

    It looks like those long curious to ride in a BYD battery-electric car in the US will only be able to do so from the back of a cab. The China-based company, which has for years been trumpeting a potential entry into the US light-vehicle market with the all-electric e6 sedan, will only sell the EV ...

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    Official: BYD will bring 50 electric e6 to London taxi company greentomatocars

    Chinese automaker BYD has reached an agreement to provide London with its first fleet of all-electric cabs. BYD and Greentomatocars signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in which BYD would supply 50 all-electric e6 vehicles for the company's fleet. Greentomatocars, which operates about 300 ...

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    Report: Batteries not to blame in all-electric BYD e6 fire

    Here's some good news for fans of the BYD e6 and, quite possibly, electric vehicles in general. A couple months ago, BYD saw its stock take a big hit amidst speculation about the safety of its batteries when an e6 taxi caught fire in a fatal crash after getting rear-ended by a Nissan GT-R being ...

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    Report: BYD e6 taxi catches fire in China after crash caused by drunk Nissan GT-R driver

    Yes, we know that so many gasoline-powered vehicles catch fire every day that only the most local of news reports bother to report on what happened nearby. Still, electric vehicles come under a magnified lens, which is why reports of a BYD E6 taxi catching fire in Shenzhen, China caught our ...

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    Report: BYD e6 available to U.S. consumers in 2010 2011 2012 2013; Hertz gets it first

    The BYD E6 is a football. No, not a political one like the Chevy Volt. Rather, it is the pigskin that the cartoon character Lucy would hold in place, but then snatch away when Charlie Brown's ever-hopeful foot was in mid-swing. BYD has, yet again, placed an example of its all-electric e6 ...

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    China tells cities to get their EV plans on, BYD stock shoots upward

    BYD has had its struggles in recent times but finally some good news has seen the Chinese battery and auto manufacturer get a nice little spike in its share price. The news? The powers that be in China have signaled they are still serious about pushing the adoption of electric ...

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    Report: BYD starts electric e6 retail sales in China

    The launch of BYD's plug-in vehicles has not gone as planned. The Chinese company's all-electric e6 has been delayed in the U.S. (in part because of a lack of infrastructure, the company says) and the plug-in hybrid F3DM did not sell well at all. In the recent past, profits tumbled and EV ...

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    Report: BYD says electric e6 delayed due to lack of U.S. plug-in infrastructure

    It's coming in 2010. Scratch that. How about 2011? Oh shucks, that's impossible, too. Let's shoot for 2012. BYD Auto constantly alters the U.S. launch date of the electric e6 crossover. But this latest bit of info should relieve us of reporting further delays. When BYD announced its U.S. scheme, ...

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    Report: BYD continues to struggle, massive layoffs coming soon

    Chinese automaker BYD, backed by U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett, continues to tumble down a rocky road. On Wednesday, Shanghai Daily reported that BYD is expected to lay off up to 70 percent of its workforce after a decline in sales led to a net profit of only 266.74 million yuan ($41.2 million ...

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    Report: How can BYD fix its troubles?

    Chinese automaker BYD, backed by U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett, may be headed down a rocky road. According to Daily Finance, BYD's troubles aren't limited to profits tumbling. In fact, Daily Finance hints that BYD will need to step up its game to keep Buffet from bailing out entirely. Troubles ...

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    Report: BYD still says electric e6 with 150-mile range is coming to U.S. in mid-2012

    BYD e6-Eco
    At the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, Michael Austin, BYD Motors vice-president of marketing and public relations, confirmed U.S. pricing for the automaker's electric e6 crossover and its F3DM plug-in hybrid sedan. It was at that time that Austin revealed that BYD intends to sell "tens of ...

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    BYD says 2011 Q1 profit tumbled 84.4%

    Chinese automaker BYD, backed by U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett, says its net profit for the first quarter of 2011 fell 84.4 percent year-on-year. In a filing last Wednesday, BYD reported its 2011 Q1 net profit of 266.74 million yuan ($41.2 million U.S. at the current exchange rate), compared to ...

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    Europe's first BYD e6 shows up in the Netherlands

    BYD and Rotterdam (the second-largest city in the Netherlands) have entered into a binding agreement that calls for the Chinese automaker to deliver an undisclosed number of its electric e6 crossovers as part of the Netherlands green transportation initiative dubbed "75-EV-RO." Under the ...

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    BYD claims EV fleet rapid-charged batteries show no capacity loss after one year

    A year has passed since BYD pressed a 50-strong troop of all-electric e6 crossovers into service with the Pengcheng Electric Taxi Company. To mark the occasion, the automaker is happy to report that the rapid-charging regimen the cars are using has not impacted the performance of their lithium ...


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