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california center for sustainable energy

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    Official: California is about to run out of green PHEV HOV lane stickers

    The Golden State is very close to running out of stickers that allow plug-in hybrid vehicle drivers to take up precious HOV lane space all on their own, according to Green Car Reports. To add insult to injury, the funds for California's rebates for plug-in vehicle purchases ($2,500 for ...

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    Official: Plug-in hybrids outselling pure EVs in California

    Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) appear to have outsold battery electric vehicles in California by about a two-to-one margin since the Toyota Prius Plug-in started US sales earlier this year, according to the state's Center for Sustainable Energy. To date, the state has given out about 7,400 ...

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    Official: Survey says? California plug-in drivers like solar, love their cars

    No surprise here: the Golden State is quite green when it comes to plug-in vehicles. California, which accounts for about one-tenth of both the U.S. population and registered vehicles, is home to more than a third of all domestic plug-in vehicles, the California Center for Sustainable Energy ...

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    Better act fast to get California rebate on a Vectrix

    If you live in California and have a hankerin' for some quality electric maxi-scooter action, it's time to grab your checkbook and head for your nearest Vectrix dealership. The California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) has been busy dishing out rebates for a select few rides and there is only ...


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