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    Read This: Little car, big arguments: Honda Fit EV review divides C&D readers for our entertainment

    For anyone wanting to get a clearer view of the "us vs. them" environment dividing electric-vehicle advocates and everyone else, Plug In Cars' take on Car and Driver's recent review of the Honda Fit EV is instructive. The innocuous-looking Honda triggered some "anti-EV vitriol" Car and Driver ...

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    Official: Protean's In-wheel motors named Car And Driver's "Most Promising Technology"

    Protean Electric has received noteworthy praise for its unique in-wheel electric drive propulsion system. Car and Driver named it one of the 10 Most Promising Technologies for 2013. This ranking accompanies the publication's 10 Best Cars Celebration, which has existed for more than three decades ...

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    Video: Car and Driver aims for Porsche 911 skid pad numbers with Nissan Leaf

    A skidpad is a simple circle with a 300-foot radius drawn on a flat piece of pavement that is used to judge the lateral g-forces a vehicle can generate whilst completing circumnavigations. Super sporty cars, like the Porsche 911, can hit 1.0 g. The Nissan Leaf, an all-electric hatchback made for ...

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    Chevy Volt, Chevy Cruze Eco square off in 1,000-mile showdown

    It's been argued that General Motors' halo vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, is more or less a bait and switch bit of technology dreamed up by folks at GM for one reason: to draw buyers into showrooms. Once there, loads of potential Volt buyers opt for the Chevy Cruze Eco instead of the pricey plug-in ...

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    Car and Driver 2011 10 Best winners announced

    Car and Driver 2011 10 Best – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Car and Driver has just released its annual list of top 10 vehicles for 2011. Populated by plenty of familiar faces like the Mazda MX-5 Miata, Honda Accord and Porsche Boxster, this year's 10 Best won't bring too many ...

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    Car and Driver hosts hybrid hoedown, hearts Ford Fusion heaps

    With 4 of the worlds top brands now boasting mid-size sedan hybrids in their line ups, the chaps over at Car and Driver decided it was time to rustle them all together and see how they stack up. If you've been torn over whether to buy a hybrid in the shape of a Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, Nissan ...

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    John McCormick from The Detroit News shares his thoughts on CO2

    While I was reading this column, I almost thought I was perusing my latest copy of Car and Driver. Then, I realized that the writing was not as good, and the attempts at humor less successful. But, anyway, John McCormick did cover some of the points that Patrick Bedard consistently seems to touch ...

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    MotorcycleUSA rides the Can-Am Spyder and hosts a video. Bonus: Car and Driver, Edmunds and AMA reviews.

    We have been following the release of the Can-Am Spyder since we first heard about it, and now we have an online ride review to digest. If you have any interest in this 3-wheeled vehicle, it would be a good idea to click here and read their three page report, and then click here to watch the video ...

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    Car and Driver's first drive of the new 50-state-legal Jetta TDI

    I won't give you all the details of Car and Driver's first test of the new Jetta TDI here, you can click to go to their site and read it if you'd like. But, I will give you some details... 50 state legal 140 HP, an increase of 40% over the 1.9 236 lb-ft torque, an increase of 33% ...

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    BMW teams with Car And Driver to race new 335d at Thunderhill enduro

    BMW cars have always had a reputation for performance. They are renowned for their exceptional steering feel, precise handling and exceptional engines, particularly the in-line 6 cylinders. The six bangers had turbine-like smoothness and excellent power for their displacement. The company did ...


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