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car emissions

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    Report: Your car's exhaust can cause, not just trigger, kids' asthma

    Stick your head too close to an old car's exhaust, and we're willing to be dollars to donuts that you'll start coughing. It turns out that vehicle exhaust isn't just bad for you until the air clears. All that nastiness has a serious long-term effect, and can even cause asthma in children. That's ...

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    Should there be a fossil fuel moratorium? Some scientists say yes

    Climate change was barely mentioned during October presidential debates, but that doesn't mean the public doesn't care. After all, climate change affected Hurricane Sandy, and that got some media coverage. Some analysts say climate change is just part of historic weather patterns that humans have ...

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    CO2 emissions of UK's new vehicles down 20 percent since 2000

    The fleet of 2010 model year vehicles sold in the UK posted carbon dioxide emissions of 144.2 grams per kilometer CO2, a reduction of 3.5 percent over the numbers reported in 2009, according to the SMMT's 10th annual CO2 report. For the sake of comparison, the UK's 2010 fleet spewed 20 ...


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