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    Official: BMW adds on-street parking to DriveNow carsharing in SF

    BMW is putting a new spin on the concept of the San Francisco treat. The German automaker cut a deal to clear out 80 street-parking spaces for its DriveNow car-sharing program in the notoriously parking-constrained City by the Bay. Bimmer is also more than doubling its all-electric ActiveE ...

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    Official: Toyota-Grenoble EV car-sharing program will include i-Road

    We're not sure if you can throw tire chains on the super-narrow Toyota i-Road electric vehicle, but it's a question worth asking. That's because the Japanese automaker is partnering with the French city of Grenoble, located in the Alps, to deploy a car-sharing program that will include about 70 ...

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    Official: Ford will start familiar-sounding Ford2go carsharing service in Germany

    With more than a half-million words in the English language and 10 digits to choose from, Ford had ample opportunity to not name its new European carsharing service pretty much the same as a competing service operated by Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler. Alas, opportunity squandered. Sometime before ...

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    Official: Hiriko 'folding' EV will be produced for German car-sharing project next year

    Hiriko's "folding" electric vehicle has been in the works for about two years but the momentum is picking up. The company has reached an agreement with the operator of the German railway network to start testing the vehicles within a car-sharing network in Berlin starting early next ...

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    Official: Car2go lights up London with carsharing Smart Fortwos

    Londoners are learning that good things come in small packages, from Kate Middleton's recently bloomed baby bump, to newly rentable Smart ForTwo vehicles on the streets of the city. Starting today, Londoners who want to drive but not own a car can sign up for Daimler's Car2go. The free-floating ...

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    Official: OnStar vehicles now ready for car-sharing through RelayRides

    Nothing like a little rental income to help make the monthly payment on the Caddy, huh? General Motors, which said last fall that it reached an agreement with RelayRides to make people's personal vehicles available for car sharing, is doing just that. Tuesday, GM said that owners of cars ...

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    Official: Car2go suspends operation in Lyon, France because of name conflict with Car' Go

    What's in a name? In Lyon, France, it can mean the difference between Daimler running its Car2go car-sharing service and taking a little break. Despite a report that Car2go has "stopped immediately and that the customers will be fully refunded" in Lyon, Daimler is currently "suspending" its ...

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    Report: BMW, Daimler compete in by-the-minute car-sharing service

    So if you see a Smart ForTwo and a Mini racing down the streets of Berlin, here's why. Parent companies Daimler AG and BMW are competing for car-sharing customers in the German capital and now offer car-sharing by the minute, Bloomberg News reports. When you're being charged in 60-second ...

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    Official: Honda bringing plug-ins, hybrids to Zipcar fleet

    Following in Ford's and Chevy's footsteps, Honda today announced a partnership with the car-sharing service Zipcar. The cars that will be added to the use-em-when-you-need-em fleet are going to be Honda's "latest advanced technology vehicles," which in this case means the Insight hybrid, the Fit ...

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    Official: Daimler's car2go car-sharing service will launch in UK this fall

    Daimler's about to find out of its car-sharing service translates to left-hand drive. The automaker's Car2go will debut in the UK this fall when it starts service in Birmingham, England. Birmingham's city council approved a plan for car2go to supply as many as 250 Smart Fortwo gas-powered ...

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    Official: Daimler's car2go car-sharing service starts in D.C., Portland this month

    Daimler AG's Car2go car-sharing service, which has North American operations in San Diego, Vancouver and Austin, TX, will start the open-ended car-sharing program in Washington, D.C., and Portland, OR, later this month. Car2go, which has overseas operations in cities such as Amsterdam and Vienna ...

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    Official: Zipcar launches city-government car-sharing program in Boston

    Zipcar, the largest U.S. car-sharing service, last week launched a program in Boston in which city employees can share city-owned vehicles in an effort to save money and cut emissions. Zipcar, which is based in nearby Cambridge, MA, will install its software in the city-owned vehicles as part as ...

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    Official: Car2go solidifies Austin car-sharing program, will start in Washington, DC soon

    Daimler's open-ended Car2go car-sharing program has its deepest U.S. roots in the city of Austin, TX. That's where the first North American Car2go program was established and where a two-year pilot program just concluded. The trial's end doesn't mean the free-range Smart cars will go away, ...

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    Report: London considers copying Paris' Autolib electric car-sharing scheme

    Since London has already copied Paris' Velib public bicycle rental service, it seems fitting that England's capital city is considering an electric vehicle-sharing scheme that mimics Paris' recently launched Autolib. For full details on Autolib, click here. London's city officials will ...

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    Study: Looks like car-sharing can save the planet

    What's the best way to avoid the cost of car ownership, keep the flexibility of having four wheels available when you need them and – possibly – save the world? How about car sharing? A large-scale study of 6,281 carsharers by University of California Transportation Center shows that ...

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    Zipcar hopes to go public, files for $75M IPO

    Zipcar, one of the world's leading car sharing companies, has announced that it plans to sell shares as a way to expand operations and cover company debt. Zipcar has filed an estimated $75 million initial public offering (IPO) with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company hopes that ...

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    Even without profits, Zipcar expands Philadelphia presence

    Car sharing service Zipcar still isn't making any profits but that isn't stopping them from expanding. The company is pumping up its presence in Philadelphia by 20 percent. Since the city awarded Zipcar a contract to provide its service to city employees, 20 departments and 250 employees have ...

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    Carticipate: meet friendly carpooling strangers on your iPhone

    The other day, I wrote a post about Zimride, a new online carpool app that integrates with Facebook to match up riders and drivers. I knew when I wrote that post that I had seen another similar program in the iTunes Application store, but couldn't remember the name at the time. Well, thanks to the ...

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    Profits absent as Zipcar grows

    If Zipcar were available in the city where I live, I'm pretty sure I'd be one of the first to sign up. And the realization that sharing a car is a good idea has struck a lot of people around the country. In fact, Zipcar's membership should hit 300,000 this year, an 80 percent increase compared to ...

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    Zipcar-driving voters in Philly choose Obama

    Not quite sure what to make of this, but on a day when America's political eye is turned to Pennsylvania, Zipcar would like us all to know that the car-sharing company took a weeklong poll of Zipcar members in Philadelphia and found that Barack Obama was the runaway winner with 59 percent of the ...


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