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carbon footprint

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    Video: New Toyota Mirai videos continue questionable hydrogen claims
    Ad Says H2 Car Has 'Smaller Carbon Footprint' Than EVs 1418860800

    "Toyota engineers were simultaneously working on a brand new technology that met all the driver's needs with an even smaller carbon footprint." Toyota has released a number of new promotional videos for the hydrogen-powered 2016 Mirai. Most are exactly what you'd expect: pretty, full of ...

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    Ditching your car could save you over $10,000 a year
    APTA says the biggest savings are available to NYC residents 1401883200

    Looking to line your pockets with some extra cash? Perhaps it's time to give up driving. A sobering report from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) says that people using public transit in the 20 cities with the most riders save an average of $848 dollars a month, or $10,181 a ...

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    Official: Is this 1,000-mile EV for real? [w/video]
    Phinergy and Alcoa show off a modified Citroen C1 with two battery types 1401839700

    If the groups behind it are to be believed, this little electric vehicle could travel 1,000 miles on a single charge. Battery developer Phinergy and metal manufacturer Alcoa have teamed up to demonstrate their aluminum-air battery in a small electric vehicle at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in ...

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    Official: Mercedes-Benz C-Class scores well in TUV lifecycle analysis

    Mercedes-Benz drivers and treehuggers don't always go hand in hand, but, like a lot of other companies, the German automaker is looking to boost its green cred. This time, it's all about the car's lifecycle carbon footprint. The Daimler AG unit is using its new C-Class sedan as an example of how ...

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    Study: Renault study proves, again, EVs are cleaner than gas or oil burners

    When it comes to the environmental impact of producing electricity, Renault is probably hoping that things haven't changed too much over the past 21 months. That's because we're just now getting to see some numbers that the company was using almost two years ago. The French automaker, which ...

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    Report: Nissan on coal-powered EVs being dirtier than gas cars: Bullsh*t

    Few electric vehicles are actually "zero emissions," but calculating the exact carbon footprint of an EV can be daunting. Not only do different utilities each use a different mix of coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, and solar, many areas also offer individuals the opportunity to buy "greener" power. ...

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    Infographic: What's the greenest way to get there?

    What's the greenest way to get from point A to point B? Is it by airplane or train? How 'bout by bus? Or is a grid-charged electric vehicle the greenest mode of transport? Well, the answer depends on the length of the trip. Is it 350 miles? If so, then a bus seems to be the greenest means to get ...

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    TerraPass updates carbon footprint calculator to include electric vehicles

    The carbon-offset powers that be over at TerraPass have updated its online, carbon footprint calculator to include estimates for greenhouse gas emissions from electric vehicles (EVs). Though EVs do not directly emit greenhouse gases, most – not all – do generate some emissions along ...

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    Video: RideRemedy app wants to make carpooling a breeze

    Carpooling just got easier with the introduction of a new app that makes ride sharing a breeze. The Ride Remedy app, introduced by CorGar, LLC, aims to "save the planet one ride at a time." It's an idea we've heard before: with Zimride, 511 Rideshare and Carticipate. Ride sharing is a good idea ...

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    Ford to save millions of dollars, drastically reduce carbon emissions just by turning off its computers at night

    When a corporation as large as Ford decides to do something as simple as shutting down its computers at night, the savings can be astronomical. In the case of Ford, powering down computers can save the company $1.2 million each year. The new program called PC Power Management, utilizes energy ...

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    Virtual car show promotes green autos, reduced environmental impact

    Autoweek Virtual Green Car Show - Click above to register
    In the digital age that we live in, it's only fitting that auto shows have gone virtual too, and AutoWeek is sponsoring one of the nation's first virtual car shows. The show will promote environmentally friendly vehicles, green technology, ...

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    Kia gets carbon footprint certification for 2011 Cadenza sedan: 29.5 tons over 80,000 miles

    2011 Kia Cadenza - click above for high-res image gallery
    Several years ago, Kia decided to adopt total lifecycle analysis (LCA) for the carbon footprint of all future products. LCA takes into account the greenhouse gas emissions that accrue from the production and disposal of cars as well as the ...

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    Carbon Footprints: Ditch the dog, get a Hummer H2, save the planet?

    If you don't like dogs, there's now a new reason to continue avoiding canis domesticus. New Zealanders Robert and Brenda Vale have put forth the hypothesis that the care and feeding of a pooch is more environmentally harmful than rolling in a Toyota Land Cruiser. Those shifty, antisocial felines ...

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    'Carbon Footprint' added to Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

    Carbon footprint: the negative impact that something (as a person or business) has on the environment; specifically: the amount of carbon emitted by something during a given period.Regular AutoblogGreen readers surely already know what 'carbon footprint' means, but for the rest of the class, ...

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    Eco-weenie has eco-tizzy over global warming: Dan Neil's hilarious homage to carbon counting

    In Sunday's LA Times, Dan Neil exorcises his guilt over climate change with a humorous essay that does give a hint to his serious efforts in fighting a global problem. He has converted to compact fluorescent lights and recycled "everything but the cat." But over-analyzing the carbon footprint of ...


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