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    Recharge Wrap-up: BlaBlaCar raises $100M, NASA launches CO2 satellite
    Mazda2 With Rotary Range Extender Likely 1404657420

    BlaBlaCar, a ridesharing startup in Europe, has raised $100 million in a funding round led by Index Ventures. After recently growing to 12 countries and 8 million users, BlaBlaCar plans to us the funding for even more aggressive growth throughout Europe. The ridesharing service pairs drivers and ...

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    Study: Doing nothing on climate change could cost auto industry millions
    Business Forward says new EPA rules will add just $7 to cost of new car 1402351260

    When it comes to climate change, the auto industry will be better served by working with the energy industry on cleaner energy plants than dealing with more and more severe weather incidents in the future. That's the finding of a new study by Business Forward, which says that supporting the EPA's ...

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    Report: NASA employee study finds EVs are 10 times better than expected

    Getting a thumbs up from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is priceless – just ask Toyota. It's right up there with the Tesla Model S gaining support from Consumer Reports in the wake of four fires. A pilot program at NASA's Kennedy Space Center has found that ...

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    Report: Toyota exec says unless electric grid is clean, EVs 'make little sense'

    Let's face it, Toyota does not believe in electric cars. Not the battery-powered plug-in kind anyway. Plug-in hybrids? Sure. Fuel cells? As soon as feasible. But a simple EV? No, that just isn't Toyota's thing – a few side projects notwithstanding. "If the electricity is not sourced ...

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    Report: WA state representative argues bikes pollute more than cars, backpedals

    Isn't bicycling supposed to reduce carbon emissions and free up traffic jam congestion? Well, it's actually making matters worse, argues a state representative from Washington. "You would be giving off more CO2 if you are riding a bike than driving in a car," claims Ed Orcutt (R – Kalama, ...

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    Two Wheels: Bikestorming says switching over to pedal power is the cool thing to do [w/video]

    " is about creating a systemic, global change on urban mobility for sustainable cities of the 21st century." That's the short mission statement from an artist activist who wants to make bike riding the most popular transportation mode within the next 18 years. Besides cutting ...

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    Report: BMW banking on carbon fiber costs to broaden M range

    There once was a time when BMW only produced a handful of its models in high-performance M guise. There was the M3, the M5, and that was pretty much it. Now, however, it offers M models based on the 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, X5 and X6. And that's only expected to grow. The first on ...

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    Official: Volkswagen will invest more than $55 billion to cut vehicle, factory emissions

    Volkswagen AG announced this week that it will spend more than $55 billion over the next four years reducing carbon emissions from both its vehicles and factories, as the German automaker looks to increase sales by boosting its credibility as an environmentally friendly vehicle maker. You can see ...

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    BMW leaks first-gen X5 made of carbon fiber

    BMW has been making some headlines over the past few months with its commitment to carbon fiber construction, opening a joint-venture production facility in Washington State and teasing the upcoming Megacity EV as the first mass-produced carbon fiber vehicle. But there's always a back story to ...

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    Is carbon fiber really a "green" solution to reduce vehicle weight?

    BMW and Mercedes are leading the way in using carbon fiber to reduce weight in future passenger vehicles. Losing pounds can also be key to meet upcoming CAFE regulations and can also help increase the range electric vehicles can travel. The shift towards carbon fiber will probably become more ...

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    Tonight, James Cameron attempts to terminate the oil and coal lobbies (on CNN)

    There were obvious eco-preservation overtones in the movie Avatar, but we didn't know James "King of the World" Cameron was such a fervent defender of the planet. With Pandora safe from mineral exploitation, Cameron is leading a charge here on Earth against what he considers a disinformation ...

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    Who should get carbon credits, automakers or utilities?

    Toyota Prius PHEV - click above for high-res image gallery
    Governments everywhere are trying to use a carrot and stick approach to get reductions in emissions, particularly when it comes to greenhouse gases. The stick is well-known approach: fail to miss the requirements and you pay a fine. For ...

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    Audi shows off lightweight aluminum/carbon fiber A5 prototype

    Audi Aluminum A5 Coupe Prototype - Click above for high-res image
    As much as we like the Audi A5 with it's lovely lines and proportions and good driving dynamics, we have to admit that it's a bit porky. The lightest version currently available in the U.S. market is the 3.2-liter V6 quattro at ...

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    What are the promises and pitfalls of carbon fiber?

    For the last century or so, cars and trucks have predominantly been formed from one material in particular: steel. It's not hard to see why – steel is relatively inexpensive, highly abundant and easy to form into somewhat complex shapes that can be repaired with mostly basic ...

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    Catalyx Nanotech begins producing low-cost nanomaterials

    Nanotechnology holds amazing promise for many new green technologies, including the emissions controls which will allow the internal combustion engine to meet upcoming standards and the lithium ion batteries which threaten to make those same engines obsolete. There are many issues holding nano-tech ...

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    Will nuclear-produced electricity be low carbon?

    Faced with the problems of oil supply and environmental factors, it seems quite certain that many of our transportation options in the future with be powered by electricity. Methods of supplying the necessary electrons are legion but all seem to involve costs and problems of one kind or another. ...

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    High technology provides solutions for paraplegics

    Click on the image for more shots of the Future Chair wheelchairsWhile many engineers are looking towards carbon fiber as a way to lighten up our automobiles, with very good reason, others are using the lightweight composite material in human-powered vehicles, like bicycles and... wheelchairs. Not ...

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    Closed-cycle CO2 cars might be a reality one day

    Do you hate the idea of your car spewing exhaust? There might be a way to stop it without using any expensive batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. According to the New York Times, a pair of scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) are working on a way to trap exhaust fumes (by blowing them ...

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    Study: green cars to outsell gas guzzlers this year in the UK

    Vehicles in the UK are grouped into tax bands from A to G, depending on how much CO2 they emit. Cars ranked A and B are the greenest (and least taxed) while cars ranked G are the ones that emit the most CO2 (and drivers have to pay more). Since the tax bands were instituted, sales of A, B band cars ...

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    Drivers will not play a role in carbon law

    The United States government is in the early stages of crafting the nation's first carbon cap-and-trade law. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce released a white paper detailing the scope of the carbon law and one thing is already very clear: drivers won't be regulated directly because there ...


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