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    Exclusive: BMW i3 EV will have lower insurance, repair costs thanks to carbon fiber

    What you see above is the carbon fiber frame that underpins the BMW i3. This lightweight material will allow the plug-in vehicle to set itself apart from the competition in a lot of ways (weight, most importantly, but also space and rigidity), but what we didn't expect was that the newfangled ...

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    Official: BMW i3 starts production in Germany using local wind power, US carbon fiber

    The time has come for BMW to stop talking about the i3 electric city car - something that it has been doing for quite a while - and start building. That's what happened today at the company's plant in Leipzig, Germany, and the event was powered, in part, by wind turbines. There's a lot that's ...

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    Is this what the production BMW i8 will look like?

    Judging from the spy photos we've seen recently, the BMW i8 is coming along nicely. With its more realistic bodywork, the hybrid supercar is beginning to look like something that actually belongs on public streets. Now Sonny Lim, former head of BMW DesignWorks, has taken a stab at what the ...

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    Official: GM gets serious about widespread use of carbon fiber

    General Motors has announced a partnership with a leading carbon fiber producer in an effort to research the possibility of widespread use of the material in its vehicles. Teijin Limited has pioneered a new manufacturing process for carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic that allows for cycle ...

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    Frankfurt: Audi Urban Concept Sportback ready for wireless charging in the city

    Not as easily spotted as its Spyder relative, the Audi Urban Concept Sportback more closely maches the renderings we saw before the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show. That's not to say that we were totally prepared for the quirkiness of either version, but at least the Sportback's carbon fiber ...

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    BMW, SGL open state-of-the-art carbon fiber facility in Washington

    Central Washington could soon become a future automotive hub, if BMW's vision of carbon fiber plug-in vehicles catches on. Standing next to BMW's upcoming i3, chairman of the German automaker, Norbert Reithofer, told a crowd of 150 in Moses Lake, WA that carbon fiber is key to the evolution of ...

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    Teijin molds carbon fiber reinforced plastic car frame in under a minute

    Japan-based Teijin Limited has announced that it has established mass production technologies for carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) that reduces the cycle time for molding automobile frames to less than one minute. In other words, by the time you're done reading this post (or maybe this and ...

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    Audi, Voith enter new carbon fiber partnership

    Audi Aluminum A5 Coupe Prototype – Click above for high-res image
    Audi has put carbon fiber to good use in concept vehicles like the e-tron show cars and a special lightweight A5, which has a carbon fiber hood and rear deck, and in some parts of the R8 and the RS 3. The high-tech (and ...

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    BMW leaks first-gen X5 made of carbon fiber

    BMW has been making some headlines over the past few months with its commitment to carbon fiber construction, opening a joint-venture production facility in Washington State and teasing the upcoming Megacity EV as the first mass-produced carbon fiber vehicle. But there's always a back story to ...

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    BMW Megacity EV makes carbon fiber jobs in America

    Before BMW gives Americans the chance to drive ultimate urban commuter machines in the shape of its upcoming sub-branded Megacity EV, it will be giving them something else in high demand: jobs. The carbon-fiber that will be used to lightweight the vehicles will be made at a plant in Washington ...

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    Megacity will be BMW's first to use carbon fiber "on a large scale"

    The idea that BMW's line of electric vehicles will cater to the same premium buyers as the company's other vehicles seems more assured with today's announcement that it has established a joint venture with SGL Group to produce carbon fiber and textile semi-finished products for "vehicle ...


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