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    Official: Auction for first US VW e-Golf raises $41,400 for Global Green charity
    EV Enthusiast Spends Big To Be First 1415288100

    Would having Jay Leno on hand have changed the outcome? That's what executives at Volkswagen might be asking after the German automaker auctioned off the company's first electric car in the US for around $6,000 over MSRP. VW auctioned off the first Volkswagen e-Golf in the US to raise money for ...

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    Official: UK's Bluebird will make September electric race a family affair

    Bluebird will make sure the debut of its electric vehicle is all in the family. The racing-vehicle maker, which is headed by UK racing royalty Don Wales, will enter an electric vehicle in a September race that will feature celebrity and father-son teams. The winner will take home the Bluebird ...

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    Official: Toyota Prius Plug-In MPG Challenge's first winner averages 356 MPGe

    What did those "Helping Hands" end up doing, push the dang car for a month? Toyota in late May announced its first-ever Prius MPG Challenge pitting non-profits against each other for bragging rights over who could use the least amount of gas driving their Prius Plug-in. With the "wave one" ...

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    First Fisker Karma auctions for $220,000 in UK

    Who says the MSRP for the Fisker Karma is too high? The first Karma available in the UK was auctioned off at a charity event (the Pratham UK Gala) at the Roundhouse in Camden, England. The undisclosed buyer paid £140,000 ($220,192 U.S. at today's exchange rate) – more than double the ...

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    Exclusive: Jane Doe buys two Chevy Volts, hands over one to low-income family

    During Lisa Margonelli's "Can Your Car Change The World?" talk at the Green Drive Expo in Richmond, CA on Saturday, an audience member stood up and gave the most amazing testimony. The woman said that she wanted to make a difference in the world, and so bought two Chevy Volts – one for ...

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    Tesla Roadster owners race 'round Hong Kong for Japanese earthquake victims

    Hong Kong's Tesla Roadster owners have organized an electric rally for the 26th of June. The owners aim for this event to showcase the Roadster's phenomenal on-road performance and to be the most fuel-efficient rally ever held in Hong Kong. The race will stretch across Hong Kong, with each ...

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    smart enthusiast drives his two seater to Italy for charity

    It's not unusual to think that giving back is a good thing. Nathan Kift, from Gloucester, England, thought that he could give something back to the hospital who helped his son, Archie, get through 8 weeks at the Special Care Baby Unit. So, after a suggestion of the nurses in the hospital - who ...

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    Fiat 500 sells for 200,000

    You must think that the buyer was crazy, as the Fiat 500 can be bought in the dealer for about £10,000. Why would someone pay £200,000 for one? The car was sold at an auction last week for the benefit of the ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) charity. The auction raised a total of £25 ...

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    Rowing across Canada's roads for charity

    Rowing is an activity generally associated with either water or stationary equipment in an exercise club. It typically is not thought of as a reasonable way to get across Canada, not least in part due to the fact that the combination of the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes will only get you half ...

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    Interview with Emily Horgan, Director of the Greaseball Challenge, part two

    Emily Horgan, making the world a better place, one charity rally at a time!This is the second part in an interview with Emily Horgan, Director of the Greaseball Challenge, where she talks about her work with the World Bank, reducing your environmental footprint and what makes a great Greaseballer. ...

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    Interview with Emily Horgan, Director of the Greaseball Challenge, part one

    Emily Horgan, Director of the Greaseball Challenge, ready for adventure!It is my pleasure to bring you a comprehensive interview with Emily Horgan, Director of the Greaseball Challenge charity rally. The Challenge is set to take place in April with participants driving from the U.S. down through ...

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    Greaseball Challenge charity rally takes biofuel message to Central America

    The first ever Greaseball Challenge charity car rally will take place in April when five teams will drive from the U.S. to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama in under four weeks promoting biofuels and green adventure travel. Designed to show that you can use ...


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