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    Bankrupt Coda selling leftover new EVs on eBay

    It remains possible to buy a brand new all-electric Coda Sedan, you just have to know where – and sometimes when – to look. Coda Automotive went bankrupt in May 2013, but we learned last September that Coda Cars had purchased the leftover stock of the company's EVs and would be ...

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    Confirmed: Coda Cars brings Sedan EV back at 'substantial discount'

    Proving once again that final acts in the EV world are rarely 100-percent, you know, final, check out this bit of surprising news: The Coda Sedan is back. Sort of. The original Coda Automotive company, after declaring bankruptcy, shifted to become a grid energy provider. An announcement on the ...

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    Official: Coda back in the game with 175-kW solar DC fast charging station

    The sun may have set on Coda Holdings' electric vehicle plans in May, but the company hasn't given up on playing in the EV field altogether. Coda Energy, along with Energy Vault and Growing Energy Labs (GELI), will deploy a fast charging Eco-Station in the San Francisco Bay area. The station is ...

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    Official: In bankruptcy, Coda asking for permission to conduct airbag recall

    Following its official bankruptcy filing, Coda Automotive is back with more not-so-good news. In Delaware bankruptcy court, the automaker has filed a motion to "conduct a voluntary recall of Coda Sedans to replace roof-mounted side curtain airbags." Last August, Coda recalled 78 vehicles for ...

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    Official: Coda officially files for bankruptcy, shifts focus to energy storage

    Anyone who had Coda Automotive in your office pool for the next electric vehicle maker to declare bankruptcy, go on and collect your winnings. Coda announced today it will restructure as an energy storage business after voluntarily filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the District of Delaware. The ...

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    Followup: Off radar, Coda now dealing with multiple supplier lawsuits

    Another ominous sign for Coda Automotive: multiple lawsuits filed by suppliers who claim they are owed money. This comes after Coda laid of about 50 employees in December and then furloughed a few more in January; news has surfaced of four lawsuits filed since June of last year. EDAG Group, an ...

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    Report: Coda ready to increase production, sales in 2013

    Could it be possible that around one in seven of the non-luxury electric vehicles sold in the U.S. will be made by Los Angeles-based startup Coda Automotive? That's what CEO Phil Murtaugh told Plug In Cars recently, despite the fact that the company has delivered a mere 100 Coda Sedans to the ...

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    Report: Coda will expand dealer network to 30 next year, from Oregon to Florida

    Talk about extending your range. Coda Automotive, which sold its first battery-electric sedan in March, is looking to expand its U.S. dealership network to about 30 next year, Bloomberg News reports, citing an interview with Coda CEO Phil Murtaugh. The Los Angeles-based company will add dealers ...

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    Report: Coda approaches 110 miles in Bay Area test drive

    At least one person – a New York Times reviewer – has found that the Coda Sedan gets pretty impressive mileage out of a single charge. The tester reported reaching almost 110 miles on a single charge during a test drive. The Coda was driven on a 79-mile round trip on one day, and had ...

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    Whoops: Coda rep unplugs Ford Focus Electric driven by Forbes reporter

    And now a tale that could only take place in the 21st Century, complete with electric cars, Tweets and questionable actions. Forbes staffer Todd Woody recently had a Ford Focus Electric to review and was in Berkeley, CA at a cafe waiting for the car to charge up when his phone buzzed. It was a ...

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    Report: Coda Sedan EV will be at California dealerships this week

    Sure, Coda Automotive happily announced its first real deliveries of its all-electric Sedan two months ago, but its been quieter since then about the problems it has had with some damaged parts were shipped over from China. A new report from Automotive News says that Coda is repairing the "minor" ...

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    Official: Coda chooses Mr. Electric as 'preferred' charging station installer

    Coda Automotive has named electric-service franchiser Mr. Electric as its "preferred" installer of electric-vehicle charging stations. Coda customers will work with Mr. Electric through the Coda dealer to set up appointments for installation as well as completing the local permitting process, ...

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    Official: Coda sells first three battery-electric cars to California customers

    When it came to Coda Automotive's first-ever sales of its battery-electric Sedans, it was an all-Golden State affair. The Los Angeles-based company sold its first three vehicles last week, with a pilot from the San Francisco Bay Area named Randy becoming the official first Coda owner in Northern ...

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    Official: First production Coda Sedan rolls off the line

    Just days, after receiving its official EPA numbers the first Sedan from Coda Automotive has rolled off the line at the company's facility in Benicia, CA. The milestone had originally been expected to be reached as early as 2010, but as with many other automotive startups, there have been some ...

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    Report: Coda misses February production deadline on electric-powered Sedan

    Coda Automotive missed its deadline to sell its first production Coda Sedan battery-electric vehicles by the end of February, though the Los Angeles-based automaker is slated to deliver its first cars during the next few weeks, Green Car Reports writes. Coda spokeswoman Larkin Hill told ...

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    Followup: Tesla bricking update: can other electric vehicles suffer the same fate? Unlikely

    Remember all the way back to Monday, when "bricking" your pricey electronic gadget simply meant you needed to get a new iPhone to try and jailbreak? The electric vehicle world is still dissecting the charges that surfaced yesterday that a Tesla Roadster could be bricked – i.e., made ...

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    Official: Coda taps ex-GM, Saab executive John Anderson to run aftersales operations

    Coda Holdings, parent company of Coda Automotive, has tapped former Saab and General Motors executive John Anderson to run aftersales operations for the Los Angeles-based electric-vehicle maker. Anderson's title will be vice president of aftersales and customer quality experience. Anderson's ...

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    Report: Coda will sell cars through franchised dealers, not at 'experience' centers

    To save operation costs, Coda Automotive will sell its battery-electric sedans through franchised dealers and not at its so-called "experience centers" that are designed to educate the public about EVs, Automotive News reported. Coda CEO Phil Murtaugh estimated that a franchised dealer would ...

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    Report: Coda will start selling Sedan in February, report says

    Coda Automotive will finally start selling its battery-electric sedan by the end of February, Coda CEO Phil Murtaugh told the Detroit News. The Los Angeles-based company will soon have five dealers – one in San Diego, one in the San Francisco Bay Area and three others in locations that ...

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    Official: Coda will offer cheaper electric Sedan with less range, now starts at $37,250

    Will electric-car buyers trade away 25 miles of driving range in exchange for $2,650? That's what Coda Automotive is betting on. Los Angeles-based electric-vehicle maker said this week that, in addition to offering its standard Coda Sedan battery-electric vehicle, which has a 150-mile range, for ...


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