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    Video: When you put Rimac Concept One batteries into a wheelchair, magic happens

    Rimac Automobili is no stranger to our pages, but it's usually for the Concept_One supercar or its sleek spinoffs. Today, though, the company is talking up a feel-good alternative use for the electric vehicle's batteries: powering a wheelchair for a young fan, Rolly Bugnar, who suffers from a ...

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    Rimac Automobili delivers first electric supercar, can't let us see it

    Rimac Automobili has just accomplished what all startups in the electric vehicle space promise, but mostly never deliver on: Job One. That's right, the Croatian company has completed its very first all-electric supercar for a paying customer. There's just one problem: we can't see it ...

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    Video: Rimac Concept_One shreds tires, misconceptions

    When the Concept_One electric supercar from Rimac Automobili first went on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, there were those who assumed that it was more of a pedestal princess than an actual operational vehicle. They were proven wrong when footage emerged of it moving stealthily about the ...

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    Official: Rimac Concept_One shows up in Monaco with $980k sticker price [w/video]

    It takes a lot to stand apart at an exposition as jam-packed with glitzy treasure as the Frankfurt Motor Show and impress the hordes of automotive journalists there assembled, but we were suitably impressed when we laid eyes upon the Rimac Concept_One at the Messe this past September. The ...

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    Frankfurt: Rimac's Concept One battery-powered supercar finally done teasing us

    We've been teasing the Rimac Automobili Concept One for the last two weeks, and finally got a glimpse of some studio shots of the electric supercar yesterday. Our team at the Frankfurt Motor Show finally turned their lenses on the EV with a ginormous 92-kWh of lithium phosphate battery pack ...

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    Frankfurt Auto Show electric supercar debut foreshadowed by e-miglia entrant

    The sophomore e-miglia is now under way and one of the entrants is a certain faster-than-a-Tesla BMW e30 conversion familiar to AutoblogGreen readers. It is attending the multi-day, 800-kilometer (497-mile) electric vehicle rally from Munich, Germany to Switzerland's St. Moritz to not only to ...


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