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congestion charge

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    Study: Surprise, letting solo drivers in HOV lanes causes problems

    Anyone who gets steamed at a Toyota Prius driver trying to hypermile in front of them now has another reason to dislike hybrid-vehicle drivers. They're not earning their right to drive solo in high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes for free, according to a report from Cornell University's Charles H. ...

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    Report: BMW i8 now has 10-month waiting list in UK

    Reports that the BMW i8 would be a popular plug-in vehicle have been circulating since stories claiming 'sold out' status circulated late last year. Those turned out not to be entirely true, but now that deliveries have actually started, the $160,000 EV is proving to be only available to the ...

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    Report: London congestion charge could shift to exempt only EVs

    Electric vehicle owners may be the last ones standing cruising next year when it comes to London drivers that can dodge the city's congestion charges, UK-based This Is Money reports. New emission rules, which would still have to be approved by Mayor Boris Johnson, would cut congestion-exempt ...

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    Report: Beijing to levy congestion charge to ease traffic, reduce pollution

    Chronic traffic woes have led officials in Beijing to take action, again. A congestion charge will soon be levied on drivers wishing to travel on select roads in the Chinese capital. Xinhua news agency says the charge is to encourage residents of Beijing to use public transit or bicycles for ...

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    What's better than green cars? Some European cities say no cars

    Americans drivers are abandoning their full-sized vehicles for compacts. Pure electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and plug-in, gas-powered cars like the Chevy Volt are becoming more readily available as 2012 approaches – and there are several new models getting ready to join them on ...

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    Report: Report: London Mayor Boris Johnson hits Obama's motorcade with congestion charge

    Rules are rules, and they apply equally to everyone – including the President of the United States. Especially when he's on foreign soil. After President Barack Obama's famous Cadillac limousine – known as The Beast – got stuck exiting the US embassy in Dublin, it was shipped ...

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    Opposite World: Is traffic good for the environment?

    Traffic congestion is good for the environment. Wait, come again? Are we talking about Bizarro World here? Actually, according to Wall Street Journal writer David Owen, excessive congestion can actually be a good thing when it convinces drivers to explorer transportation alternatives instead of ...

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    San Francisco could soon be first US city with a congestion charge

    The city by the bay could soon be the first American city to get a congestion charge, and if current plans go forward it will be complex. San Francisco is currently debating a plan that would charge motorists not only for entering the congestion zone, but also for leaving it. The charges would also ...

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    Porsche donates Congestion Charge legal awards to charity

    Earlier this year, a major storm was brewing in London as then-mayor Ken Livingstone was locked in a legal battle with Porsche over an increased Congestion Charge on its performance cars. After quite a bit of legal wrangling back and forth, Livingstone's ejection in favor of new London mayor Boris ...

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    London congestion charge zone expansion canceled by new mayor

    Prior to the mayoral election in London, England earlier this year, former mayor Ken Livingstone had grand plans to expand the scope of the city's congestion charge. Following the election, the man commonly referred to as "Red Ken" was supplanted by Boris Johnson and things began to change. Johnson ...

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    BMW to introduce 3-series that gets under 120g/km of CO2

    The advent of changes to London's congestion charge that makes the fees based on a vehicle's carbon dioxide emissions has prompted many automakers to tweak some of their models to get their emissions down. Any car that emits less than 120g/km of carbon dioxide is exempt from having to pay the ...

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    London's Congestion Charge will increase CO2 emissions?

    We don't want to take sides on London's Congestion Charge, but we are keenly interested in what the charge will mean for the environment and motorists. Ken Livingstone claims that the charge is intended to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions while Porsche claims that the charges are unnecessarily ...

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    Lexus touts their GS 450h in response to London's Congestion Charges

    Click on the image to enlargeLexus would like to remind drivers who frequent the city of London that the GS450h is a credible sports sedan which falls well below the maximum penalty which will be in effect as part of the upcoming Congestion Charge. Emitting 185g/km of CO2 will allow for a daily ...

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    Mitsubishi U.K. lowers emissions of their L200

    Click in the image to enlargeLondon's Congestion Charge has drawn ire from some manufacturers, but others are doing something to help alleviate the "financial burden" the charges place on their customers. According to Jim Tyrrell, Mitsubishi's Managing Director, "The vast majority of our customers ...

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    61% of Londoners support congestion charge, says Mayor Livingstone

    By now, you're surely aware of the efforts of London Mayor Ken Livingstone to increase London's congestion charge. You're also likely know about the distaste that Porsche feels regarding these changes. Back in late February, Porsche polled Londoners themselves and found that 74 percent of Londoners ...

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    Ken Livingstone might have "doctored" bus lane report

    Lately, London Mayor Ken Livingstone has seen a great deal of press coverage regarding his efforts to increase the congestion charges in London, which caused Porsche to vehemently disagree with said charges. This is not Livingstone's only legislative issue these days, though, as he is also opposed ...

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    Study commissioned by Land Rover finds small cars are bad for the environment

    Starting February, small cars will be exempt from the London congestion charge, a priviledge currently only accorded to electric, biofuel and hybrids. A study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research commissioned by Land Rover found this could result in more cars (up to 10,000 more) ...

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    Oh goodness - Autocar says Rolls-Royce, Jaguar drivers are a "minority group" and shouldn't be persecuted

    Perhaps my response to a statement released last week by Autocar is misinformed because there is some misinterpretation going on between my American English reading of British English words. The key is whether or not "minority group" carries with it the same connotations in the UK as it does in ...

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    London congestion charge going to 25 per day for gas guzzlers

    London Mayor Ken Livingstone is again pushing to revise the current congestion charges that drivers going into central London have to pay. Currently anyone going into the congestion zone has to pay a fee of £8 per day. Under Livingstone's plan the flat rate would change to a sliding scale ...

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    Stockholm launches Congestion Charge

    The Congestion Charge is a toll that must be paid in order to drive in a city centre. The most famous is in Central London, where it's managed by a sophisticated system of cameras that read the vehicles' license plates. It isn't cheap, either, with 8 GBP (paid in advance, 10 afterwards, which is ...


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