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    Official: Elio 84-mpg trike will talk to your Apple Watch thanks to $2,000 Infinite Skyz option
    SkyzMatic Telematics System Will Offer Remote Tracking, More 1415202420

    Elio Motorz is getting zerious with Infinite Skyz. The highly efficient three-wheeled vehicle isn't due until late 2015 (and that may change based on the result of Elio's DOE Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan request) but we now know that the 84-mpg trike can be connected to the ...

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    Rumormill: BMW i8 key fob holds a surprise in your hand

    The only thing that BMW has officially said about the key fob for the upcoming i8 is that it's made with eco-friendly materials. Like a biopolymer made with castor bean oil and glass fiber. But, according to a leaked picture on Bimmerfile, there will be something a lot cooler built into the thing ...

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    Read This: With EVs, being connected means helping drivers and automakers

    It's a dang shame that the Pontiac Firebird used in the 1980s TV show "Knight Rider" wasn't electric. Otherwise, that creepy voice would've had a lot more to tell the Hasslehoff. Plug-in vehicle makers like Nissan, Ford and Tesla are equipping their car with top-of-the-line data-collection ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S EVs all have AT&T network built-in

    This isn't your father's electric vehicle. In fact, it belongs, in part, to "Ma Bell." It was revealed at the GigaOM Mobilize 2013 in San Francisco yesterday that the network powering the connected features in the Tesla Model S is from AT&T. Actually, the AT&T connection is in every ...

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    How much does software add to the cost of today's vehicles? How about tomorrow's electric cars?

    Hughes Telematics Connected Car – Click above for high-res image
    Back in 2005, the Center for Automotive Research, with help from other groups, conducted a study that predicted that electronics and software would make up almost 40 percent of a car's total value by 2010 (PDF). Yesterday, IBM ...


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