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    Official: Public in favor of higher truck fuel efficiency standards
    But 26 Percent Say They're Against Cleaner Trucks 1407930900

    Yes, the most recent poll results from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) were about as predictable as asking Americans whether they wanted more sunlight or to lose a few pounds. Indeed, when one asks John Q. Public whether he's in favor of better fuel economy for semi trucks, well, the ...

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    Official: Median US new-car fuel-efficiency of 23 mpg may be highest ever

    With US gas prices approaching levels likely to give Americans the summertime blues, both automakers and prospective consumers appear to be trying to minimize the damage by driving fleetwide fuel economy up to unprecedented levels. This year will be the first model year ever in which more than ...

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    Study: Obama's call for greener trucks could save every household $250 annually

    In his State Of The Union speech last week, President Obama made mention of higher fuel economy standards for big trucks. We all know (or should, at least), that picking up the low-mpg stragglers in our vehicle fleet is where we can make big efficiency gains, but what would greener trucks mean ...

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    Official: Consumer Federation says Americans ready for stricter fuel economy standards

    Americans are moving past the days of screaming eagles and big pick-ups. That's what the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) says, and it has the survey results to prove it. The CFA's 30-page "progress report" (PDF) indicates that folks are ready to embrace fuel-economy standards that will ...

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    Study: Consumers say they want more fuel-efficient vehicles, but do they buy?

    Could this be a case of "do as we say, not as we do"? A quick look at a recent Consumer Federation of America (CFA) survey certainly seems to indicate it. According to the CFA's May poll of 1,000 people, Americans overwhelmingly favor the Obama Administration's plan to ratify stricter ...

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    Consumer groups back 54.5 mpg standard as hearings commence

    Experts have already predicted that toughened fuel efficiency standards will lead to cleaner air and help wean the United States from its reliance on foreign oil. Turns out, they could benefit consumer's wallets too. That's the conclusion of the Consumers Union and Consumer Federation of ...

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    Official: Consumer advocates tout proposed U.S. fuel-economy standards as a cost saver

    Consumer advocates said Thursday that the U.S. public is generally in favor of the stricter fuel-economy standards the federal government proposed last year for 2025 and that the average driver would typically save money in the form of lower refueling costs, even if vehicle prices rise as a ...

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    Report: White House lowers 2025 CAFE target to 54.5 mpg

    What's the difference between 56.2 and 54.5 mpg? Way more than 1.7 mpg, that's for sure. The Detroit News is reporting that the Obama White House is dialing down the proposed 2025 fuel economy requirement to 54.5 mpg. Earlier, we had heard that 62 mpg would be the new target for 2025 – ...

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    Consumer Federation of America says SUV/truck mpg exemption is "economic suicide"

    In mid-July, automakers – in particular, the Detroit Three – urged the Obama Administration to tone down the proposed CAFE target of 56.2 miles per gallon by 2025 for full-size trucks and SUVs. At the automakers' requests, government regulators are reportedly considering a proposal ...

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    Majority of Americans want 62 mpg CAFE standards; automakers don't

    It's easy to find examples of ways Americans disagree on politics (just turn on any cable news channel right now) but here's a curious case of the majority agreeing on one important point: 62 percent of Americans support an increase in the average fuel economy mandate in the U.S. to 60 miles per ...

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    Consumer Federation of America calls for 60 mpg CAFE standard by 2025

    Now that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Environmental Protection Agency have established fleet fuel economy standards of 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016, the government agencies are hard at work on the next phase of increases that will stretch out to 2020 and beyond. The ...

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    Consumer Federation of America pushing CAFE to climb to 45 mpg by 2020

    America's CAFE standards will climb to 35.5 mpg (42 mpg for cars, 26 mpg for light trucks) by 2016, thanks to the Obama Administration declaring not long after taking power how conflicting national and state (well, California) standards would be turned into one set or rules. But what comes after ...

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    Survey Says: Americans still interested in fuel efficiency

    There's been much conjecture these last few months over whether or not sales of big, thirsty vehicles would pick back up after hitting the brick wall of high fuel prices last summer. Despite a modest uptick in pickup truck sales, the answer has mostly been no, but we won't know for sure how things ...

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    Consumer Federation of America calling for mandatory fuel-economy standards

    A consumer group, citing a new study that shows 9 of 13 automakers have CAFE numbers lower than 10 years ago, is calling on Congress for mandatory fuel-economy standards. The Consumer Federation of America showed off its new 13-page report titled, "Stuck in Neutral: America's Failure to Improve ...


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