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    Official: EcoCar3 will convert Camaro to bitchin' eco rides

    In the 47-year-history of the Chevrolet Camaro, there have been countless college-age kids spending a ton of time getting under the hood and souping 'em up. Now, General Motors is adding a twist to the concept by donating 16 Camaros for the EcoCar challenge that puts university teams together to ...

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    Report: BioMotion Alux concept unveiled in Mexico [w/video]

    We don't know if or when the BioMotion Alux electric-vehicle concept will see the light of day or, if it does, how much it will cost or how far it will be able to go on a single charge. But we do know it looks pretty good. BioMotion beat out about 100 other entrants in an EV concept car contest ...

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    Official: Ford's deadline for gas-saving app contest is this week [w/video]

    Write some code to save some folks some gas, and you might save about a quarter-century's worth, courtesy of Ford. The US automaker is getting closer to awarding its $50,000 prize for the Ford Personalized Fuel-Efficiency App Challenge, with the deadline for applicants coming up today. The ...

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    Official: Toyota Prius Plug-In MPG Challenge's first winner averages 356 MPGe

    What did those "Helping Hands" end up doing, push the dang car for a month? Toyota in late May announced its first-ever Prius MPG Challenge pitting non-profits against each other for bragging rights over who could use the least amount of gas driving their Prius Plug-in. With the "wave one" ...

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    Official: Toyota Prius Plug-in fuel-economy challenge offers $20,000 in prizes

    Sure, it's a PR play to raise awareness for the Toyota Prius Plug-in, but Toyota's first-ever Prius MPG Challenge is for a good cause. Fifteen of them, for starters. The Japanese automaker officially began the contest Wednesday in West Caldwell, New Jersey. The idea is to let representatives ...

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    Official: Fuel Economy Coach wins efficiency prize in DOE's Apps for Vehicles Challenge

    Don't tell anyone who's focused on reducing distracted driving, but the US Department of Energy (DOE) recently held a Fuel Efficiency Innovation apps contest. So, while the winner might not do much for keeping eyes away from smartphones while driving, it might save some gas. This week, the DOE ...

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    Official: Drive less, get gas money in Canada's Shuttle Challenge

    It sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but one Toronto nonprofit is giving folks a chance to win almost a full tank of gas if they drive less. Summerhill Group's Shuttle Challenge, launched last week, encourages commuters to cut down on their driving habits, giving away $25 gas cards for folks who ...

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    Official: Toyota Prius will get fully pimped by NASCAR team [w/video]

    Custom-car enthusiasts who have been waiting for the day when a Toyota Prius gets tricked out, the time has come. Four race teams – two from NASCAR and two from the NHRA – are being given stock Toyota models to customize, and Charlotte-based RKM Performance Center is going to do the ...

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    EVTV launches contest for $20,000 in EV components [w/video]

    Jack Rickard of EVTV telling you to enter contest – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Building or converting an electric vehicle (EV) can be extremely rewarding. Rolling down the road in a machine of your own making can give one a sense of satisfaction that might only be rivaled by ...

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    So Smart: Canadian Cancer Society offering chance to win Escape Hybrid if smokers quit

    Either the Canadian Cancer Society really wants you to stop smoking, or, what feels more likely, it simply has a Ford Escape Hybrid it's trying to get rid of. If you're a resident of Ontario and you're 19 years old by March 1, the group's Driven to Quit contest will reward you and a buddy if you ...

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    Thrifty Dutch Hyundai onwers can win up to €10,000 in free gas

    Thrifty Dutch Hyundai owners have been given a chance to enter a contest where the prize is the equivalent of five years' worth of gas, estimated at €10,000. The package goes to whoever is the most frugal at the wheel. Anyone registering for the contest at Dutch Hyundai dealers is also ...

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    Could discovery of space aliens lead to doubling your Zero X range?

    Imagine this. You are on your Zero X electric motorcycle enjoying a brisk ride along your favorite wooded trail. You reach a clearing and in the morning mist you are surprised to find a family of space aliens enjoying a quiet picnic in front of their parked UFO. Not wanting to learn the hard way ...

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    Want a free Prius?

    Better Homes and Garden magazine is holding a giveaway with the prize of an eco-friendly Prius. The deadline for entries is October 31, so you just have two weeks. Technically, you don't have to buy anything to enter the giveaway but they offer you a subscription to the Better Homes and Garden ...

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    Innovate or die: Create a pedal-powered machine and win a prize

    If we don't ask too much about production methods, bicycles are the cleanest vehicles on the planet. Powered solely by human energy, they keep cities' air clean, occupy less space and are the second cheapest method of transportation. Walking is even cheaper, but that might change depending on your ...

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    Student design contest on hydrogen applications for airports now open

    Hydrogen Applications for Airports is the theme of this year's Hydrogen Student Design Contest. The Hydrogen Education Foundation arranges the contest for university-level students from multiple disciplines to come up with hydrogen solutions for South Carolina's Columbia Airport.The top runners up ...


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