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    Report: Tesla wants court to dismiss Georgia dealer lawsuit

    Like the fire that forced Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara to flee Atlanta in Gone With the Wind, the battle between Tesla Motors and Georgia's auto dealers is heating up. In late August, the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association (GADA), which represents about 500 dealerships, filed a petition ...

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    Report: New Jersey votes against Tesla, stores may close April 1

    Doesn't New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have enough people mad at him already? Apparently not, since more than a few folks who like Tesla Motors are ready to get riled up. The governor is already embattled via his office's alleged role in a scandal involving politically-motivated lane shut-downs ...

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    Report: North Carolina targets Tesla, considers banning direct-to-consumer sales

    North Carolina is the latest state to line up against Tesla Motors by proposing a bill that would bar direct automaker-to-customer sales within the state, the Raleigh News & Observer reports. Still, Tesla says plans to open a showroom there and has sold about 80 cars to North Carolina ...

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    Report: Tesla faces increased dealer opposition to opening stores in Minnesota

    Yes, MADA's a little, uh, mad, about the prospect of Tesla Motors opening stores in the Land 'o Lakes. Tesla is facing increased opposition from Minnesota auto dealers to the California-based electric-vehicle maker's plans to open stores in the state, Automotive News reports. The Minnesota ...

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    Report: Mild hybrid Malibu Eco with eAssist not meeting GM's sales targets

    General Motors is getting some bad news about its eAssist mild hybrid technology – it's not very popular. That's being made clear by soft sales for the highest-volume eAssist model, the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco. The Malibu Eco does offer noteworthy technology perks: 2.4L four-cylinder ...

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    Massachusetts dealers appeal ruling in Tesla store case

    Massachusetts auto dealers are not taking "no" for an answer when it comes to Tesla Motors. On Tuesday, the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association and other dealer plaintiffs filed an appeal after a court dismissed their lawsuit against Tesla's factory-owned stores on December 31, ...

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    Report: 2013 Chevy Volt now available (randomly)

    If you're a recent Chevrolet Volt buyer and noticed you've been getting a few more miles out of your all-electric range than you expected, you might've gotten next year's version of the extended-range plug-in. This month, General Motors started delivering a few 2013 model year Volts to Chevrolet ...

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    Report: Values of small used cars fall in lockstep with gas prices

    The Detroit News reports used small-car prices are plummeting right along with fuel prices. The news comes courtesy of a National Automobile Dealers Association study, which says gas prices have dropped an average of 3.5 percent compared to last year. In yet another shocking reminder of just how ...

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    Report: Mercedes-Benz diesel emissions fluid can cost up to $32 a gallon

    Mercedes-Benz dealers heavily marking up service products? You don't say. Drivers of Benz's turbodiesel-powered ML350 BlueTEC 4Matic are obliged to periodically refill the vehicle's supply of diesel emissions fluid, which is made up of urea crystals in mineralized water and which is required to ...

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    Official: Nissan will expand Leaf dealer network in Europe tenfold this year

    Nissan will increase the number of European car dealers carrying Leaf electric vehicles tenfold – to 1,000 – by the end of the year and will sell the car in two dozen European markets by 2013, all part of the Japanese automaker's plan to boost Leaf sales overseas. Nissan, which ...

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    Report: Coda will sell cars through franchised dealers, not at 'experience' centers

    To save operation costs, Coda Automotive will sell its battery-electric sedans through franchised dealers and not at its so-called "experience centers" that are designed to educate the public about EVs, Automotive News reported. Coda CEO Phil Murtaugh estimated that a franchised dealer would ...

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    Report: Some Chevy dealers rejecting Volt allocations from GM

    Chevrolet dealers in some U.S. markets are turning away Chevrolet Volts that General Motors is allocating to them, indicating that consumers remain concerned that the extended-range plug-in vehicles pose an additional safety risk relative to convention cars, are too expensive or are otherwise not ...

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    REPORT: Cash for Clunkers could be dead

    Congress allocated close to $1 billion for the Cash for Clunkers program. That's billion with nine zeros. And all that money might be gone by midnight tonight. This, according to reports by both the Detroit Free Press and Edmunds AutoObserver. We learned earlier that the C4C program has proved to ...

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    REPORT: Mahindra capitalizes on Detroit 3 dealer closings, picks up new outlets

    Many communities have felt the sting of closing dealerships, but it appears for some that capitalism Mahindra is coming to the rescue. The Indian truck manufacturer is sweeping in to sign up recently booted Chrysler dealers to sell their fuel efficient diesel pickups. Mahindra had earlier announced ...

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    GM Dealership Increases Sales After Greening

    Car dealers are realizing that there's more to green cars than what's under the hood. Check out what this innovative dealership has done to green their entire operations.This dealership houses its own geothermal pump, cleans its cars from recycled water, has a water-soluble paint booth, and powers ...

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    NADA: Dealers support national fuel economy standard

    Now that the NHTSA has outlined plans which would require the fleet of cars to reach 35.7 miles per gallon on average and light trucks to hit 28.6, we've heard many opinions regarding the regulations. The automakers seem content with the plans, just so long as the regulations are nationwide, not ...

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    Miles Automotive appoints initial dealer network

    Miles Automotive has selected thirty dealers to begin selling their electric cars, including the new full-speed EV that's coming in 2008 called the Javlon. Their current lineup includes a range of low-speed, full-bodied neighborhood electric vehicles. The company hopes to have 190 dealers by the ...

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    No shift in engine size buying habits

    J.D. Power reports consumers are still buying the same proportion of new vehicles with 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines. The turnover rate for vehicles in dealer lots has also remained constant. If you look at them in detail, vehicles with eight-cylinder engines do stay on the lot slightly longer then ...


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