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    Report: Pennsylvania, Tesla approach five-store compromise [UPDATE]

    In the Keystone State, the compromise number between zero and unlimited is five, apparently. Pennsylvania's Senate applied that math in an attempt to resolve the issue of allowing Tesla Motors to operate company-owned stores in the state. The senate this week unanimously voted for a bill that ...

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    Opinion: Why dealerships should embrace Tesla's direct sales competition

    National and regional dealership associations have it in for Tesla Motors. For the past few years the organizations have been pushing lawmakers – to whom, it bears mentioning, they have made generous financial contributions – for legislation that would make it difficult for the ...

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    Official: Connecticut turns EV incentive plan on its head, gets dealers into the game

    Here's an idea: instead of getting buyers interested in buying EVs, why not get the sellers keenly interested in selling them. That's the tact that the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is taking with a new promotion called the "Connecticut Revolutionary Dealer ...

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    Report: Tesla says Chris Christie's move is 'affront to the very concept of a free market'

    Tesla has a special history with the state of New Jersey, having delivered the 500th Roadster there in 2009. Fast forward to 2014, though, and the electric vehicle company is having a decidedly less-positive experience in the Garden State. In short, Tesla's ongoing dealer fight has turned sour, ...

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    Report: Ohio senator with deep dealer ties proposes anti-Tesla bill

    The fight against customer-direct car sales by Tesla Motors continues around the US, and the California-based company can now count dealership groups in Georgia and Ohio among its adversaries. In Ohio, Tesla has opened company-owned stores in Cincinnati and Columbus and is now fighting a state ...

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    Read This: How to buy a Tesla in Texas, a 'grey-market guide'

    The Lone Star state has got both Tesla Motors and buyers of its Model S electric vehicles feeling like a bunch of outlaws. Texas has what's regarded as the most stringent laws prohibiting automakers from owning dealerships and is putting both Model S buyers and Tesla store and service-center ...

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    Report: Yes, Virginia, Tesla may get a dealership in your state

    It may not be "Mr. Musk Goes to Washington," but it's about as close has you can get. Tesla Motors has reached an agreement with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association that could get the electric-vehicle maker a couple of steps closer to opening ...

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    Report: North Carolina governor test-drives Tesla Model S amid dealer fight

    Tesla scored a big point in the "hard sell" column in North Carolina recently, when the chief executive of one of the states opposing direct-to-consumer vehicle sales got behind the wheel of a Model S electric vehicles, the Silicon Valley Business Journal says. With Tesla lobbyists recently ...

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    Official: Tesla sends CEO to Texas to defend direct-to-customer electric vehicle sales

    Tesla is no stranger to strong resistance, shall we say, from auto dealers to its unusual method of selling the all-electric Model S in certain parts of the US. A lawsuit by the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association was thrown out late last year, but it was later appealed. Tesla has ...

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    Official: Mitsubishi i available for just $69 a month in this outrageous lease

    O'Brien Mitsubishi, based in Normal, IL, is offering something way outside the norm: an absurdly low lease price – the cheapest we've ever seen – for on an electric vehicle. AutoblogGreen reader Josh K. could hardly believe what he saw when driving by a rotating banner advertising ...

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    Video: To sell more green cars, Chevy dealer makes building more energy efficient

    LaFontaine Automotive Group, a dealership based in Dexter, MI, hired two firms to upgrade its facility for energy efficiency and cost savings – and as a method to market its environmentally responsible credentials. GridNavigator, a provider of an intelligent energy management system, and ...

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    Report: Coda will expand dealer network to 30 next year, from Oregon to Florida

    Talk about extending your range. Coda Automotive, which sold its first battery-electric sedan in March, is looking to expand its U.S. dealership network to about 30 next year, Bloomberg News reports, citing an interview with Coda CEO Phil Murtaugh. The Los Angeles-based company will add dealers ...

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    Report: BMW will sell first cars online, and they're electric

    How do you get more bang for your buck when selling plug-in vehicles? BMW thinks the answer is blowing in the Internet. For the first time ever, BMW will sell some of its cars online – and it turns out that it's the electric cars that prompted the change. BMW's i brand vehicles, which ...

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    Coda opens first Experience Center in CA, includes electric vehicle bar

    Electric vehicles aren't a common sight in most U.S. cities. Understandably, then, for most consumers, EVs remain a far-off vision of the future. Startup Coda Automotive realizes this dilemma and is attempting to make electric vehicles more accessible to Average Jane and Joe Sixpacks with the ...

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    Report: Report: Are Chevy dealers gaming the system to keep Volt's $7,500 consumer rebate?

    Getting beyond the drama of the Chevrolet Volt and its high-profile development process was supposed to mean that General Motors could focusing on enjoying the car's green halo. But that has not exactly been the case. On the other side of numerous awards and glowing reviews there have been the ...

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    Audi investing $1B to create new, greener dealerships for U.S.

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    Audi thinks that the same experience customers feel when entering one of their cars should be felt when entering a dealership, from "flowers to coffee cups." This is the reason why the marque based in Ingolstadt wants to create 30 "terminal" dealerships in the U.S. that ...

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    GM Dealership Increases Sales After Greening

    Car dealers are realizing that there's more to green cars than what's under the hood. Check out what this innovative dealership has done to green their entire operations.This dealership houses its own geothermal pump, cleans its cars from recycled water, has a water-soluble paint booth, and powers ...

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    More and more eco-thoughtful car dealerships coming to America

    Where do you buy your green cars? Perhaps at one of 16 green car dealerships that MSNBC contributor Jenny Lynn Zappala discovered in her research to understand just what's the deal with buying alternative-fueled vehicles. Zappala talks to Ron Gompertz, the force behind Eco Auto in Bozeman, Montana ...

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    Tesla announces the site of their first store

    Tesla Motors announced several months ago that they would eschew the traditional franchise dealer approach of most car companies in favor of company owned retail and service outlets. The plan was to launch with five stores located in New York, Chicago, South Florida, Los Angeles and the Bay area. ...

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    Neighborhood Electric Vehicle dealership opens in Salt Lake City

    A new Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) store is now open in Salt Lake City selling two-seater and four-seater models. You can pick up a two-seater for about $7,000 and a four-seater for $10,000. The vehicles have a range of about 40 miles and incredibly low running costs. Ideal for planned ...


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