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    Official: Amp now testing medium-duty, all-electric truck

    Ever since Amp switched from converting passenger vehicles to electric power to converting big delivery trucks, the question has been when the E-Truck program will get real. The answer is now, since Amp has announced a new test program with TRC Inc. that will "independently test the vehicle to ...

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    Frito-Lay to deploy 176 electric delivery trucks by end of 2011

    Frito-Lay, owners of the seventh-largest private fleet in the U.S., hopes to deploy up to 176 electric delivery trucks by the end of 2011. Beginning later this year, Frito-Lay will roll out a test fleet of 21 battery-powered delivery trucks designed and produced by Smith Electric Vehicles. This ...

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    Study: highly-efficient semi-trucks lead to 120,000 new jobs by 2030. Say what?

    When we first glanced at the "Delivering Jobs" report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and Calstart, we were perplexed by claims that 120,000 jobs could be created by simply producing more efficient semi-trucks. We're all for more efficient trucks, but is job creation really that easy? ...

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    Report suggests fuel tax better than higher mpg standards for heavy duty vehicles

    Passenger cars and light-duty trucks will be subjected to stringent new emission standards in the near future. Heavy-duty vehicles are not being left out of the mix and will have their own regulations intended to slowly lead to cleaner vehicles delivering goods across the nation. That's a good ...

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    FedEx adds 4 more BEVs to its already green delivery fleet

    Two of the largest parcel delivery fleets in the U.S. have been competing neck and neck in a race to become the greenest in the land. Both Federal Express (FedEx) and United Parcel Service (UPS) have delved into alternative energy vehicles for daily delivery use. In the latest skirmish to become ...

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    Vehizero, the Mexican hybrid delivery truck

    Green automobile technology and biofuels are worldwide news, but it’s true that AutoblogGreen is pretty focused on North America and Europe, but we love to post news about the goings on in other countries and areas (like Thailand, Zimbabwe, and Eastern Europe). That’s why this tidbit, ...


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