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    Nissan prices 2012 Leaf at $56,535* in Denmark, sales slated for mid-November

    Nissan will open the order books for the 2012 Leaf in Denmark in mid-November. At 290,690 Danish Kroner ($56,535 U.S. at the current exchange rate) including VAT, Nissan says the 2011 World Car of the Year will cost about the same as a typical compact hatchback in that country. At that price, ...

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    Better Place to install 20 battery swap stations in Denmark by spring 2012

    Over in Denmark, Better Place just unveiled Europe's first battery swap station. The celebratory event, held in the city of Gladsaxe, gives us an indication that Better Place is slowly but surely inching towards its goal of installing 20 swap stations and a nationwide charging infrastructure ...

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    Denmark to test Nuvve vehicle-to-grid technology

    Most vehicles are parked nearly 95 percent of the time. This means that those expensive battery packs in electric vehicles are sitting useless most of the time. Or does it? Why not put battery packs in parked vehicles to work? That's the idea behind Nuvve's V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology. The ...

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    VIDEO: ECOmove QBEAK driving topless, coupe version revealed

    After spending the Danish winter stuck inside – no doubt hanging upside down from the ceiling of someone's spacious white-walled loft because the little city commuter is just cool like that – the QBEAK by ECOmove has finally made it out of doors and was recently seen rolling happily ...

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    Renault, Better Place launch "unlimited mileage" electric car in Copenhagen for $38,000-plus

    Renault Fluence Z.E. concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Last April, Better Place launched a pilot project in Tokyo aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of battery swapping as a means to provide electric taxis with near-instant range extension. In the first 90 days, the ...

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    ECOmove QBEAK unveils first prototype, reveals modular transformable transportation

    ECOmove QBEAK – Click above for high-res image gallery
    ECOmove, a new Danish EV company, has just unveiled the first model of their QBEAK series in their hometown of Horsens. Their first prototype is a topless electric runabout that incorporates many of the things you'd expect in a city ...

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    More info on Better place in Denmark - you can't swap the battery if you buy it from Renault

    Project Better Place battery swap – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Aside from all the technical issues, there have also been commercial questions about exactly how Better Place's battery swapping program would work. With Renault and Better Place finally getting ready to launch ...

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    Danish crown prince to drive Fisker Karma prototype to climate conference

    With the UN Climate change conference currently under way in Copenhagen Denmark, it's not at all surprising that a member of the Danish royal family would make an appearance at some of the events. Of course it wouldn't do to show up at such a conference in a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. However, a ...

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    Better Place and DSB to pilot electric car sharing for train travelers

    Will trains and cars become the voyaging version of peanut butter and chocolate? Perhaps. Better Place is partnering with DSB, Denmark's largest rail service provider, to offer an electric car sharing service at its train terminals. The project will begin next year with a pilot program at the ...

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    Denmark to combine wind power with vehicle-to-grid in new tests

    MINI E - click above for high-res image gallery
    Denmark is one of the countries on the leading edge of pushing vehicle electrification. They were one of the first countries to hook up with Better Place to roll out a charging infrastructure. Now, the Danes want to do a test that combines wind power ...

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    BYD: Gas for developing countries, EVs for developed countries

    Autonews interviewed Henry Li, general manager of BYD Auto's export division, and got the Chinese marque's plans for international expansion. BYD's plans can be summarized this way: "gas for developing countries, EVs for developed countries." Currently the manufacturer is selling about 7,000 cars ...

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    CO2 E - Race coming to Denmark next fall

    Automobile races that try to put on a green mantle are seriously nothing new. There's Formula 1, Formula Zero, and ALMS to name just a few. Coming soon (well, in a year) to a country near you (if you live in Denmark) is a new eco-aware speed event called the CO2 E - Race. At least, that's what we ...

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    Officially official: Better Place Denmark is born

    Yesterday we told you of the impending announcement of a deal involving Denmark and Project Better Place. Now that it has been made official, we have the details of the agreement straight off the Project Better Place website. Basically what we have here is the first date, in the form of a letter of ...

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    Denmark to launch Project Better Place pilot program

    As our faithful readers are aware, we reported last November that the government of Denmark has been talking with Project Better Place about the possibility of setting up an electric car program along with a charging station network. Now comes word of the impending official announcement of the ...

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    Danish engineers ready li-ion Zap Xebra with 152-mile range

    The Zap Xebra is the little electric vehicle that can. It's not the most powerful or safety-tested vehicle on the road, but it does offer zero-emission transportation and carrying capacity and is available today. For electric car scientists at Lithium Balance in Copenhagen, the current-model Xebras ...

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    Energy self-sufficient Danish community makes hydrogen using wind power

    Who woulda thunk that the first hydrogen-powered community would be Vestenskov, Denmark? In the next couple years, that will be a reality, as the Lolland Hydrogen Community will be installing Micro Combined Heat and Power stations in 35 homes.In Nakskov, an island of Lolland, their main power ...


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