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    eBay find: Global Union EV prototype could use some TLC

    "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid." That classic line from Star Wars, entered the popular culture lexicon just about the same time as this quirky electric car we recently found on eBay. Based on a 1977-ish Endura (possibly) this one may have been originally ...

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    Report: Meet Urban Tabby, the DIY EV you can build in 60 minutes or less

    Earlier this month, EZ EV founder Gary Krysztopik told Plug In Cars that his DIY electric vehicle kit could be built in a week. Who knew that we'd be able to think of this as a near eternity so soon? That's because we've got another company that says its do-it-yourself EV can be built in an hour. ...

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    Video: Tesla tires turning on Stretchla Vanagon EV conversion project

    It is one thing to say you are going to Frankenstein a Tesla Model S with a pair of Siamese-twinned Volkswagen Vanagons and quite another to actually start taking your newly-acquired, smashed-up electric sedan apart in an effort to bring it back to life. Otmar Ebenhoech is doing just that, and ...

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    Read This: EZ EV will be a DIY electric vehicle you can build in a week

    Anyone thinking that the era of converting gas-engined cars to electric power is over should pay attention. Gary Krysztopik has been working on converting ICEs to EVs for years recently told Plug In Cars that, when people ask about conversions now, "I tell people to go out and buy a Leaf." But ...

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    eBay find of the day: Real-life Steampunk trike could be yours

    There are a lot of interesting vehilces on eBay, but not many of them are quite like the mid-1960s steam-powered specimen pictured above. After all, this vehicle is DIY all the way, from the powertrain – a steam-powered contraption – to the everything else. We don't know a lot ...

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    Want an electric Trabant? It's already here

    DIY electric Trabant conversion - click above for high res gallery
    While we were enjoying the look of the updated and all-electric Trabant nT concept that made its debut in Frankfurt, reader Nikki made sure we knew that an electric Trabant is already here. As we can see in the before and after ...

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    eBay find of the Day: electric Chevrolet S10

    Click to see more shots of the S10 EV
    An old Chevy S10 that's missing it's engine - but has a bank of batteries and an electric motor in its place - has turned up on eBay. The converted S10 has a 27 HP motor (well, that's what the seller thinks it is, anyway), 20 6V DC batteries and the original 5 ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1970 VW Bradley GT electric car

    click for more of the Bradley GT
    In mid-October, we wrote about San Antonio, Texas high school student Luke Laborde, who converted an old Bradley GT II kit car to run on electric power. I had been meaning to write a follow-up post on Laborde's work because a local TV station just did a report on ...

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    Homebrew electric Bradley GT II in Texas teenager's garage

    Photo by internets_dairy. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    Following in the footsteps of our friend Andrew Angellotti, another teenager has taken it upon himself to convert a vehicle to fun on electric power on his own time. This time, the story revolves around 17-year-old Lucas ...

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    VIDEO: 225 mpg DIY diesel hybrid on the road, kit version coming

    Robert Q. Riley has finished designing and building his XR3 diesel hybrid prototype and now says, "Its your turn!". Yes, with a few simple tools and plans purchased from Mr. Riley, you too can (eventually) cruise the highways in your very own XR3. Engineered to travel 40 miles with lithium ion ...

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    DIY project for your weekends: Your own solar car

    I'm wondering if my skills at assembling Ikea furniture will be useful for the SUNN. The SUNN is a solar electric car in a kit that can apparently be assembled in your garage in four or five days. The kit includes everything that you need except the batteries and solar panels which have to be ...

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    It's not pretty but you can build the LongRanger electric bike yourself

    The creators of this contraption could sure use some lessons in industrial design from Apple, or even the creators of the first generation Zune for that matter. However part of the beauty of this bike is that you can actually modify the design since you build it yourself. Atomic Zombie sells the ...


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