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    Report: 'Kick Gas' movie producer can no longer drive an SUV
    Filming EV Movie Changed Her Mind On The Power Of Electric Vehicles 1402689660

    The producer of the Kick Gas documentary about electric vehicles is becoming somewhat of a convert. Yes, producer Tiffany Raim drove an SUV during the filming of the movie. But she's since gotten rid of it, according to an InsideEVs interview with her. Kick Gas is the story of eight people from ...

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    Official: Revenge of the Electric Car now available on DVD and streaming

    Revenge of the Electric Car filmmaker Chris Paine's sequel to 2006's Who Killed the Electric Car? is now available on DVD and videostreaming. The film, which was released in theaters last fall, became available on Tuesday through retailers such as Wal-mart, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and ...

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    Gashole documentary film might put our addiction into perspective

    Directors Jeremy Wagner and Scott Roberts have turned their lenses toward America's insatiable thirst for petroleum products in a new documentary. Gashole looks into the history of gasoline in America, our growing dependence on foreign energy sources and the mechanisms that keep us hooked on ...

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    Hollywood premiere for "What Is the Electric Car?" happening tonight

    And you thought there was only one movie about electric cars hitting the cineplex and DVD racks soon. While we just got to see the first trailer for The Revenge of the Electric Car, a movie called What is the Electric Car? will have its Hollywood premiere tonight (it was already shown in other ...

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    Video: Charge! TTXGP movie trailer released

    Charge – Click above to watch video after the jump
    While you can already order yourself up a 2-disc DVD set featuring plenty of never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews and commentary from last summer's TTXGP on the Isle of Man for the tidy sum of £24.99 ($40.26 U.S. at ...

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    Review: Deadly Brew, the Human Toll of Ethanol

    I saw the Bloomberg documentary Deadly Brew, the Human Toll of Ethanol, which aired last Thursday and I have to agree with some of the criticisms that UNICA levels at the film. The documentary, which focused on the working conditions of cane cutters in Brazil, gave both sides but seemed to favor ...


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