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    Study: Higher ethanol blends create health, safety risks, says Big Oil-funded study

    In the simplest terms, when higher-ethanol blend fuels spill, they can make buildings go boom. And the study that says this was funded, in part, by Chevron and Shell as well as the American Petroleum Institute, while the report was generated by Rice University in Houston. All clear on the ...

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    Report: Mahindra Reva promises E2O electric car will go on sale this month

    Mahindra Reva is determined to launch its E2O electric microcar in India this month, despite the end of federal subsidies that lower the purchase price for consumers. Although the Indian government chose to end buyer discounts, subsidies for manufacturers like Reva to buy components such as ...

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    Report: Federal court denies trade groups' request to ban E15

    For those keeping score in the battle between advocates and opponents of higher ethanol blends in gasoline (fuels such as E15, which is 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline), chalk one up in the "advocates" column. Earlier this week, a US federal appeals court upheld last year's decision to ...

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    Report: Brazil to reduce mandatory ethanol blend in gas by 5%

    With Brazil's ethanol prices soaring, the nation's government is expected to put forth a policy to reduce the mandatory ethanol blend in gasoline. Brazil's energy minister, Edison Lobao, recently met with President Dilma Rousseff. The two immediately arrived at the conclusion that unless Brazil's ...

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    GM makes the case for testing E15 ethanol blend

    GM has long been a proponent of using high-level ethanol blend, E85, in motor vehicles. But, with all of the talk of putting E15 or E20 (gasoline with 15 or 20 percent ethanol blended in) into the national supply - see these earlier posts about the EPA, the Minnesota Ag Department, the Secretary ...

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    EPA's E15 proposal prompts warranty worries

    A little search for recent stories on the fate of E15 (gasoline with 15 percent ethanol blended in) in the U.S. shows how the tide seems to be turning in favor of expansion of the biofuel here. The EPA is considering it, the Minnesota Ag Department says E20 is just fine for fuel pumps, the ...

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    E20 is just fine for fuel pumps, says Minnesota Ag Department

    It's clear that the Obama Administration is a strong supporter of increasing the amount of ethanol used in American vehicles. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has come out in favor of upping the standard blend in everyday "gasoline" from E10 to E15 or even E20 over the next few years (Of course, ...

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    Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack supports E15 or E20 blend

    Yesterday, 11 Midwest Ag secretaries asked Obama to raise ethanol blend to 15 or 20 percent. It should come as no big surprise that Obama's Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, also made a statement in favor of raising the ethanol blend to either E15 or E20 "over the course of the next couple of ...

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    11 Midwest Ag secretaries ask Obama to raise ethanol blend to 15 or 20 percent

    The Agriculture secretaries from eleven states sent a letter to President Obama today asking that the amount of ethanol blended into gasoline be raised to 15 or 20 percent. Currently, this amount is limited to, at most, 10 percent unless we're talking about E85 fuel. Iowa Secretary of Agriculture ...

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    What is cellulosic ethanol and how does it fit with green cars?

    Click above for high-res gallery of the ethanol Hummer
    There is a lot of controversy surrounding biofuels. Various studies have shown that crop-based biofuels contribute to global warming more than they help prevent it, that ethanol is no better than gasoline, and that South East Asian rainforests ...

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    AllSAFE worries about widespread E20 use

    AllSAFE, a group representing manufacturers of outdoor power equipment, marine manufacturers, small engine manufacturers as well as motorcycle and automobile manufacturers is warning us about E20. The group released a note stating that it might not be advisable to use mid-level ethanol blends, such ...

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    GM Biofuels manager responds to Minnesota E20 study

    Over on the GMnext blog, Coleman Jones has posted a response to the recent push to go from E10 to E20 at regular gas pumps in Minnesota. Jones is the Manger of Biofuels Implementation at GM Powertrain. While GM has obviously been a huge proponent of the expanded use of ethanol, they are reluctant ...

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    Happy New Fuel: E20 on sale in Thailand

    January 1st has brought the introduction of E20 fuel in Thailand. Ford is a great promoter of this fuel in Thailand as, since 2005, all the Focuses sold in that country are flex-fuel and can be run with E20. In order to make a big celebration, Ford Thailand gave away Baht 1020 (about $34) of E20 ...

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    Study: non-flex fuel cars get better fuel economy on ethanol

    There are many people that say you can get better mileage with ethanol and you can even use blends higher than E10 in non flex-fuel cars. While controversial and only proven in tests done by mechanics or culled from impressions from truckers, there are finally some government and university studies ...

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    $700,000 study will test the feasibility of gas-ethanol blend pipeline

    The Association of Oil Pipe Lines along with the U.S. Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration will study the effect of E10, E15 and E20 blends on corrosion and cracking of pipelines. The results of the $700,000 study is expected in 12 to 18 months and ...

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    South Dakota Senator wants to scale the ethanol 'fuel wall' from E10 to E20

    Sen. John Thune, the Republican who ousted Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle in 2004, says it's time for all gas pumps to offer E20 blends.Right now, E10 is the standard; that is, a blend of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline. Thune wants a jump to 20 percent ethanol mix to "grow the ...

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    EPA looking into the safety of E20 and E30, but some customers totally dig it

    Those little stickers announcing that the fuel you're about to put into your tank contains up to 10 percent ethanol are getting pretty ubiquitous, aren't they? But pumps that can dispense E20 or E30 are less common, and they may never take off because the EPA is worried that the higher ethanol ...


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