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    Video: Detroit-based Eco V finally ready to make $12,000 low-speed EV

    Detroit-based EcoV Electric wants to prove that slow-and-steady does indeed win the race when it comes to low-cost utility electric vehicle. The company has been talking about its EV only for seven years now and says it is finally almost ready for production. The company recently posted a ...

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    Maker Faire Detroit 2010: EcoVElectric low speed electric vehicle

    EcoVElectric LSEV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Richard Marks spent twenty-five years as an engineer at General Motors, finishing out his tenure there working on the EV1. Following the demise of that project, he went on to work for some suppliers before setting out to build a ...

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    EcoV electric vehicle another entry in the mid-size, decent range department

    There are more and more electric vehicle options popping up for people who don't need to drive all that far and like to "gas up" from their home electric outlet every night. One new prototype in this market segment, the EcoV Electric Vehicle, is being offered by a man who has worked for 35 years in ...


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