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    Two Wheels: FIM announces 'first ever' electric motocross race, E-MX, forgets own previous event

    Institutional memory can be a funny thing. Sometimes short, sometimes selective, it always makes us wonder just how much effort was put in looking backwards before sending out press releases trumpeting a "first ever" product or event. Case in point, the FIM has just announced the "first ever ...

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    Video: Zen and the art of building the BRD Redshift

    Having a tough day? Stressed and not sure you can finish what you need to get done? Here, maybe this will help. A brief cinematic interlude as therapy, featuring folks following their hearts and taking that first step on the green vehicle start-up highway. When BRD started the process of putting ...

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    Two Wheels: BRD Motorcycles RedShift supermoto catches our eye, performance promise takes our breath

    The expansion of the electric motorcycle universe is accelerating and the resultant RedShift is a brilliant supermoto from BRD Motorcycles. Beautiful with its two-piece aluminum monocoque chassis in natural and blue finish, and contrasted by an exposed battery pack in orange, the pre-production ...

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    Brammo to challenge other electrics, gassers in MiniMoto SX Energy Crisiscross 2011

    Electric motocross machines will face off against both each other and gas-powered bikes again this year at the 2011 MiniMoto SX Energy Crisiscross in Las Vegas, and a new manufacturer will be in the mix looking for some respect in the dirt. Brammo is throwing its hat in the motocross ring that ...

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    Electric motorcycles kick gas at Minimoto SX Energy Crisiscross

    Zero Motorcycles at Minimoto SX 2010 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    "They would kick their anthropomorphized butts back to the factories from whence they came, preferably for recycling." This statement appears to be the long-sought answer to the question of how today's electric ...

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    Evolt puts Italy on the electric motocross map [w/VIDEO]

    Evolt Bull1- Click above to watch the video after the break
    It looks as though Italy will be the latest country to be able to boast of an electric motocross manufacturer when Evolt (Electric Vehicle Oriented) brings its muscular Bull1 to the market. The bike is the brainchild of Bruno Greppi who ...

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    Zero Motorcycles launches new MX model [w/VIDEO]

    2009 Zero MX electric motorcycle - Click above to watch a video after the break
    Zero Motorcycles has just released another new electric bike for 2009, and this one's meant specifically for the track. While we found the standard-issue Zero X to be a solid performer in most situations, the demands ...


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