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    Official: Drive eO Tesla Roadster is going to race up Pikes Peak [w/video]

    Last year, Drive eO sent its PP01 electric supercar up Pikes Peak in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb - well, part-way up. Driver Janis Horeliks wasn't injured in the crash that ended his run near the Halfway Picnic Grounds. This year, the Latvian team will return to Colorado race again ...

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    Report: Spirra EV actually headed for production?
    The mysterious South Korean supercar might have a life after all 1402487640

    The Korean supercar from Oullim Motors, called the Spirra, is making headlines again, this time with regards to an electric powertrain. We've known that there were plans for an electric version of the car since 2011, when we saw a Spirra EV in a video showcasing how the cars are built. Now, Dutch ...

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    Rimac Automobili delivers first electric supercar, can't let us see it

    Rimac Automobili has just accomplished what all startups in the electric vehicle space promise, but mostly never deliver on: Job One. That's right, the Croatian company has completed its very first all-electric supercar for a paying customer. There's just one problem: we can't see it ...

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    Rimac Concept_One looks lovely in London at Salon Privé, but expect changes [w/video]

    The Salon Privé is England's most exclusive automobile show, and with its exotic looks, hypercar performance and posh price tag, the Rimac Automobili Concept_One is fitting in quite nicely. And while the upper class crowd in attendance might be able gaze upon it and imagine the ...

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    Video: Rimac Concept_One shreds tires, misconceptions

    When the Concept_One electric supercar from Rimac Automobili first went on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, there were those who assumed that it was more of a pedestal princess than an actual operational vehicle. They were proven wrong when footage emerged of it moving stealthily about the ...

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    Los Angeles: Rimac Automobili Concept One rolls off the turntable, onto the road

    We really loved the look of the all-electric Rimac Automobili Concept One that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show as it spun in circles upon its carpeted turntable, the lights making the paint glitter. Turns out, it looks even better rolling down the road on a foggy Croatian morning. Now, we've ...

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    Frankfurt: Rimac Automobili Concept One revealed [w/video]

    The sheet has been lovingly lifted from the Rimac Automobili Concept One at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the first official images are now available. As the earlier teasers suggested, this electric supercar looks absolutely, well...super! It's hard to believe that a machine with performance that ...

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    Exclusive: Rimac Automobili Concept One's Frankfurt teaser pics make us ohhh, ahhh

    When the sheet is lifted from the Rimac Automobili Concept One electric hypercar on September 13th at the Frankfurt Motor Show – Hall 4.0, Stand A43 at 3:00 pm, in case you plan on attending – we hope the Croatian company has some heated neck pads on hand. There may be a few cases of ...

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    Frankfurt: World's first all-electric supercar teased ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show [w/video]

    Ahead of its reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Rimac Automobili has released some rendered teasers that hike the skirt of its all-electric, all-wheel-drive, 1088-horsepower Concept One supercar that we were telling you about, and have also given us details that further pique our interest in the ...

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    Frankfurt Auto Show electric supercar debut foreshadowed by e-miglia entrant

    The sophomore e-miglia is now under way and one of the entrants is a certain faster-than-a-Tesla BMW e30 conversion familiar to AutoblogGreen readers. It is attending the multi-day, 800-kilometer (497-mile) electric vehicle rally from Munich, Germany to Switzerland's St. Moritz to not only to ...

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    Video: Electric e-Wolf Alpha-1 SRF hits the track

    A small German firm called e-Wolf has been developing some impressive electric vehicles for years. There's the e1, e2, Alpha-2, Alpha-R and then the focus of this video-filled post: the e-Wolf Alpha-1 SRF. The Alpha-1 SRF, a stripped-down electric race machine, is a track-only monster. Powering ...

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    e-Wolf to launch electric Alpha-2 supercar

    Shortly after debuting its Lotus Seven-esque e1 electric at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2009, e-Wolf released images of its next model, the Alpha-2. The German automaker's Alpha-2, a Ferrari Enzo look-a-like, looks to be an impressive beast. Powering the electric supercar is one ...

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    Protoscar Lampo3 is a super electric 2+2 coupé [w/VIDEO]

    Protoscar have unveiled the third generation of its electric vehicle development platform and demonstrator, appropriately call the Lampo3. This newest targa-topped Lampo iteration was built on the knowledge gained from driving the previous two models some 30,000 km (18,641 miles) and is really a ...

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    Li-Ion Motors Inizio: a $139K electric supercar that soars to 170 mph. Or does it?

    Look out Tesla, there's another electric roadster ready to pounce. Well, maybe. Li-Ion Motors, the North Carolina-based company that captured victory at the Automotive X-Prize and whose financial past was the subject of some recent controversy, presented the battery-powered Inizio at SEMA. This ...

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    Rumor: Ford developing green GT supercar successor

    Back in 2003, Ford gave us the GT supercar – a road-going homage to the iconic GT40 race car. Ford discontinued the GT when its high-powered Shelby GT500 debuted for the 2007 model year, but now the word around Dearborn is that there may be another top-end Blue Oval supercar coming down the ...

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    MT: Electric supercar from Toyota in the works?

    We're taking this news with a grain of salt for now, but Motor Trend is reporting that Toyota is hard at work on a fully electric supercar. If there's any truth to this report, Toyota President Akio Toyoda was so impressed after a spin in Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster that he immediately green-lit a ...

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    e-Wolf channels inner Italian with planned e2 electric car

    e-Wolf e2 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Shortly after debuting its Lotus Seven-esque e1 electric sportscar at the Frankfurt Motor Show, e-Wolf has released images and details of its next model, the e2. Unlike the open-topped e1, the German firm's e2 followup will feature a shape ...

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    Wrightspeed X1, a casualty of our economic woes

    There will be casualties. That's what we've been warned over and over about the burgeoning green car market in the face of the world's global economic crisis and the recent trend towards cheap gas. One such vehicle that we had been really looking forward to was the Wrightspeed X1, but we now hear ...

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    Bolwell Nagari supercar going into production, may get electric drivetrain

    Click above for high-res shots of the Bolwell Nagari
    digg_url = ''; The Bolwell Nagari that we looked at a few months back is finally ready for production. Using a carbon-intensive composite chassis and body, the new supercar ...

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    Sam's Club teams up with Hybrid Technologies to offer 150 mph electric sportscar

    We've known for some time that Hybrid Technologies was planning on bringing an electric supercar to the Progressive Automotive X Prize but now comes word that they're also bringing it to a lucky Sam's Club shopper. And by "lucky" we mean wealthy, since the super-sized price tag on this "supercar" ...


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