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electric vehicle batteries

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    Study: Future of EV battery production shines bright in France

    France's plug-in vehicle market remains firmly in its infancy, but when it comes to making the batteries that power those cars, the country's prospects are tres grande, according to at least one report. The home of Renault has an electric-vehicle battery industry whose market value will surge to ...

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    Official: Lighter, better battery for small electric vehicles is SmartBatt's goal

    A European consortium known as SmartBatt believes that something critical and essential is missing for pure electric vehicle technology – battery packs that aren't heavy and bulky. Therefore, SmarBatt's objective is to develop an innovative, multifunctional, light and safe energy storage ...

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    "Aluminum-Celmet" could boost electric vehicle range by 300%

    Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) is the Japanese company behind an innovation that could potentially lead to a serious rise in the capabilities of electric vehicles. If you haven't heard of SEI, that's okay. Please allow us to fill you in. SEI is a manufacturer of electric wire and optical ...

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    Bosch exec: Significant battery improvements are plausible, but still a decade away

    Sulfur crystal from Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
    If a significant battery breakthrough surfaced today, electric vehicles might be able to duplicate internal combustion engine vehicle's cost and utility by tomorrow. Of course, that's a big if and, as we all know, not going to happen. But these ...

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    Planar Energy to begin small-scale production of solid-state batteries in 2011

    Planar Energy, a spin-off of the National Renewable Energy Laboratories, has quietly been developing solid-state battery technology and remains convinced that the future of electric vehicle batteries is solid-state technology. The Orlando-based company believes that its solid-state design could ...

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    GM invests $8 million to double size of high-tech battery lab, replacing some engine dynamometers to make room

    Bill Wallace showing off the Volt cell and battery pack – Click above for high-res image gallery
    How do you take the world's largest and most technologically advanced automotive battery lab and make it even better? Double the size, of course. With an additional investment of $8 million, ...

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    Better Place will test first ever commercial battery swap later this month

    Better Place battery swapping station – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Better Place will attempt to meet another milestone in battery-swapping history by conducting its first commercial test in Tokyo later this month. If successful, the company can lay claim to the first ever ...

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    BMW on the lookout for battery partner

    Like most any other automaker with plans to stay around for more than the next decade or so, BMW is hard at work developing its proprietary technology for electric cars. The biggest piece of the EV puzzle is undoubtedly the batteries, and there are very few companies that specialize in large-scale ...


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