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    Video: New Toyota Mirai videos continue questionable hydrogen claims
    Ad Says H2 Car Has 'Smaller Carbon Footprint' Than EVs 1418860800

    "Toyota engineers were simultaneously working on a brand new technology that met all the driver's needs with an even smaller carbon footprint." Toyota has released a number of new promotional videos for the hydrogen-powered 2016 Mirai. Most are exactly what you'd expect: pretty, full of ...

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    Study: Only five* countries will sell over 10,000 EVs in 2014
    Sales Remain 'Geographically Inconsistent' 1418659380

    While 2014 has been a big year for plug-in vehicle sales – the biggest ever, in fact – the overall numbers are still small. In fact, a new study by The Research Capsule says that sale are "geographically inconsistent" and that only five countries will end the year with more than ...

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    Motorsports: Formula E plugs into Uruguay for Punta del Este ePrix [w/video]
    Vergne Takes Pole And Earns FanBoost, But Was It Enough For The Win? 1418648280

    The inaugural FIA Formula E Championship is now getting up to speed. After the opening round in Beijing, followed by a two-month break and the second round in Malaysia, the electrified circus set sail for Uruguay for the Punta del Este ePrix on the Atlantic coast. Practice and qualifying ...

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    BMW readies EV, hydrogen updates for 2015 Detroit Auto Show
    ChargeNow, ParkNow And DriveNow Will All See Enhancements 1418477340

    BMW's stand at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show will be the place to go for updates. News about advances in electric vehicle infrastructure, hydrogen fuel cells (maybe) and BMW's suite of connected vehicles app things will all make an appearance at the show next month. Let's start with what we know ...

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    Official: In his own words: Carlos Ghosn on why EVs rule
    Says EVs 'Remain The Most Practical And Affordable Zero-Emission Option' 1418426940

    That's a nice little dig at hydrogen fuel cell technology, Mr. Ghosn. The Nissan chief, long a champion and heavy-duty investor of electric-vehicle technology, wrote an essay on his LinkedIn Influencer page on why EVs are the theoretical wave of the future. It's obviously not an unbiased opinion, ...

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    Video: EV West launches monthly EV Show, starts with electric Ferrari project

    The folks over at the EV West conversion shop are no strangers to video cameras, having put up a fair amount of footage on their YouTube channel over the years. Now though, they've decided to make their appearance on the web a more regular affair with the debut of the monthly EV Show. It aims, ...

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    Official: NRG eVgo ready for 'No Charge to Charge' in Atlanta

    That loop of highways circumnavigating the city of Atlanta is about to get some fast chargers. And, for those driving newer Nissan Leaf electric vehicles, some free chargers as well, for the next couple of years. It's the new taste of southern hospitality. NRG Energy, which has been expanding ...

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    Official: Meet the Supernova EV, first Indian electric car

    Is this Bollywood's version of Back to the Future? An Indian company says it has plans for a sporty-looking electric vehicle that can go about 300 miles on a single charge. In a bit of a throwback, the car uses a lead-acid battery. The company is called Supernova and its car is called, yes, the ...

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    Official: PC010 ST is a plug-in Predator you can drive on the street *UPDATE
    Street Legal Formula-Style Racer Now Up For Crowdfunding 1418129820

    UPDATE: Looks like there's been a last-minute name change. Instead of the Predator's PC010 ST, this vehicle is now the Egoista Motors' EM01 Stradale Project. Check out the live crowdfunding campaign here and the Facebook page here. It may look like a somewhat squashed Formula 1 race car, but the ...

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    Report: VW invests in QuantumScape for potentially fireproof, long-range EV batteries
    First Application Could Be Mid-2015 1418058960

    VW might be getting ready to push its plug-in technology in a big way thanks to an investment in the battery startup QuantumScape. Key point: the solid-state battery is said to be fireproof and will offer tremendous range advantages. Details are not abundant yet, but according to Bloomberg, VW ...

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    Motorsports: Jean-Eric Vergne signs on with Andretti Formula E
    First Race Is This Weekend In Uruguay 1418052360

    With few notable exceptions, racing drivers don't tend to last very long in Formula One, but lately it seems that Formula E is the top choice for many grand prix veterans. And now the electric racing series can count one more as Jean-Eric Vergne has signed on. The French driver graduated to F1 ...

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    Report: Tesla says Model X will be able to tow, order now for 2016 delivery

    Anyone out there curious what towing a two-ton boat will do to an electric vehicle's single-charge range? Going through the mud? Well, someone will be able to find out by next year. That's because the Tesla Model X all-electric SUV will indeed be the first all-electric vehicle have towing ...

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    Motorsports: Trophée Andros Electrique starts sixth snowy season [w/video]

    There exists a special kind of autosport that sometimes sees drivers approaching turns backwards – on purpose. Welcome to the world of ice racing, where in France, they've put an electric twist on things. The Trophée Andros Electrique puts battery-powered vehicular ballet on display ...

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    Exclusive: Nissan, Kia spending big to promote EVs, Chevy stays conservative on Volt
    Football, Rachel Maddow Fans Among Most Engaged By 'Kick Gas' 1417822200

    With 22 months of record Leaf sales under its zero-emission belt, Nissan has started two big ad campaigns for the battery-powered Leaf. On TV, there's the Kick Gas campaign (it's a popular name) and on social media, Nissan is promoting the EV as the "world's cleanest car" (it's a paint thing). We ...

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    Report: Route 66 starts plugging in through the Midwest

    Three hundred miles down, 2,100 to go. Green-car advocates can soon travel a bit of American history thanks to a public-private collaboration that is stringing together some plug-in vehicle charging stations along the Illinois stretch of historic Route 66. Heck, maybe there will be some ...

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    Official: Revozport ready for Tesla Model S with R-Zentric line of mods [w/video]
    $6,000 For A Spoiler? Sure! 1417740960

    If you're going to drop $15 grand or so boosting your Tesla Model S's output to 691 horsepower (as if the all-electric sedan doesn't have enough guts as it is), what's another $6,000 to blow on a really cool spoiler kit. Because you do want to keep that car as low to the ground as possible, ...

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    Read This: Questions bubble up about Tesla Model S sales numbers

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that releasing monthly sales numbers allows the media, "to read all sorts of nonsense into the deliveries." He said that with the company's irregular delivery schedule – 1,000 in a country one month, only a handful the next – the spikes and valleys would ...

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    Official: DOE's EV Everywhere workplace charging program is working

    One US Department of Energy plug-in vehicle charging-station program is geared to turn this country into ... Norway? Not literally, but the DOE's EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge was launched early last year to get more companies to install on-site charging stations in order to increase ...

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    By The Numbers: November 2014: The not-so-down-is-the-new-up edition

    Last month, Nissan and BMW helped stem a disconcerting (for green-car watchers, at least) trend of declining year-over-year sales, as increased demand for the Japanese and German automakers' plug-in models made November slightly less painful than October. The year-over year decline of hybrid, ...

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    Report: Germany ready to offer more incentives to reach 1M EV goal

    With neighbor France reconsidering support for diesel vehicles, Germany is also staking its claim in an electric-powered automotive future. This isn't news – Chancellor Angela Merkel has been promoting the idea of a million EVs on German streets by 2020 despite slow sales for a while now ...


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