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energy policy

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    Video: George Shultz is an electric-car-driving, solar-panel-rockin' Reagan Republican

    In the hyperbolic political atmosphere of America today, left-leaning liberals are seen as tofu-eating, Toyota Prius-driving communists, while right-leaning conservatives are depicted as gun-toting, pickup-driving patriots. Thankfully, the real world is a lot more diverse than those ...

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    Report: Obama's proposed budget calls for upping plug-in vehicle tax credit to $10,000

    As a candidate, Barack Obama promised to try and get a million plug-in vehicles on U.S. roads by 2015. In his State of the Union address in 2011, he repeated that number and proposed turning the $7,500 tax credit into a point-of-purchase rebate. That hasn't yet happened, but in the President's ...

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    MIT: fundamental changes needed in energy policy

    We "desperately need innovation in energy technologies." "Fundamental changes are needed in the U.S. energy-innovation system." "We face a very big innovation challenge over the next few decades, bigger than most people recognize." Those are some of the phrases that you can find in a new article ...

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    Mitt Romney ready to exploit all U.S. energy reserves; Rick Perry still climate change skeptic

    As the Republican primary slowly heats up, the leading candidates are starting to define their energy plans they would implement if they are elected. At last night's debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry made his position clear: global warming is a crock (never mind the National Academy of Sciences, ...

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    Shell VP says global CO2 policy is a necessity

    A global CO2 emissions policy is "urgently needed" if the world is to avoid political issues in the future, according to Shell. Late last week, during a presentation in Australia, Shell vice-president of global business environment, Jeremy Bentham, warned that the goal of keeping global warming ...

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    Obama: Entire federal fleet purchases to be alt-fuel by 2015 *UPDATE

    Today, President Obama will outline a new target for the White House energy policy, one that focuses on variety. According to news reports, the plan will include ways to generate more low-carbon electricity, reduce reliance on foreign oil, expand domestic oil production and ethanol production ...

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    DOE might go looking for "unconventional fossil energy"

    This is a post for all the faithful readers of ABG who work the comment section of each post like a rented mule. We suggest you head over to the Department of Energy's website and let them know what you think. After all, they're asking for it. DOE is looking for feedback from industry and ...

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    Taking an in-depth look at the Obama energy proposals including a VC fund

    Now that Sen. Barack Obama has been officially anointed as the Democratic Party's choice to head the ticket in November, it's perhaps time to take a closer look at some of his policies as they relate to the subject matter of this blog. Over at Green Fuels Forecast, they have a pretty thorough ...

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    Jared Diamond's Consumption Factor Challenge

    Jared Diamond, the author of the two very interesting books "Guns, Germs and Steel" and, more recently, "Collapse", has an interesting column in yesterday's New York Times. By his estimation, individuals in the developed world (about 1 billion people) consume resources about 32 times faster than ...

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    LA Auto Show video: Bob Lutz makes apparent slam at Hillary Clinton's energy plan

    The video above is an interview with the emanently quotable GM vice Chairman Bob Lutz on GM's move towards making greener cars and CAFE standards at the 2007 LA Auto Show. Bob says the reasoning for making more fuel efficient cars is really a global one because there are places around the world ...

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    How Good Are You . . . at Squandering?

    Squandering is roughly defined as . . extravagantly or wastefully using resources (money, time, etc.) Yesterday's NYTimes editorial states that the Bush Administration, especially VP Cheney, have been especially good at wasting time - six years time - regarding energy policy. While most of us did ...


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