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    Official: Amp brings ex-energy secretary Bill Richardson on board

    While extended-range plug-in truck maker Amp is based in Cincinnati, the company appears to be making more of an impact west of the Rockies, as the company just brought on former New Mexico governor and ex-US Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson on to its advisory board. Richardson was governor ...

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    Report: DOE's Chu again says EVs are a solution to foreign-oil problem

    Even though we're in the early phase of modern electric cars and sales haven't been as high as some expected, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu continues to promote electric vehicles as a way for the American economy to cut its dependence on increasingly expensive foreign oil, MarketWatch reports. ...

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    Official: Energy secretary says more alt-fuel options are better than gas-price drop

    U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the federal government will continue to emphasize finding alternative forms of transportation energy sources over merely trying to find ways to cut gas prices, Politico is reporting, citing Chu's comments at a Washington, D.C., House appropriations hearing ...

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    Official: Bright Automotive gets dimmed, will shut down because of DOE loan program delays

    Bright Automotive will shut down after the maker of the extended-range plug-in utility vehicles said the federal government took too long to make good on its planned loans to the Michigan-based company, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing a letter company executive sent to U.S. Energy ...

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    Why compete? U.S. and China will work together on clean cars

    The United States and China are the world's top two energy consumers, energy producers and greenhouse gas emitters. Though it's unlikely that either nation will brag about holding those top honors, maybe the creation of the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) will help both clean up ...

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    Energy Secretary implements fast-track changes; Fisker and Tesla might benefit quickly

    When Steven Chu was nominated to be the new Secretary of Energy, the general sense was that it was great to have a scientist making some decisions about energy policy. Some, though, questioned whether he had the skills to run the bureaucracy that is the Department of Energy. After a month or so on ...

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    DOE: Cellulosic ethanol within 5 years

    According to the Des Moines Register, Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman said in a press briefing that commercial plants able to produce cellulosic ethanol should be in operation within five years.The Department of Energy currently estimates the production cost of one gallon of cellulosic ethanol to be ...


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