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ev drag racing

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    Motorsports: Kristen Stacy nails new EV record in Lawless Hammerdown dragster [w/video]

    Kristen Stacy is officially the quickest person on four battery-powered wheels. On Friday night at Virginia Motorsports Park just south of Richmond, Virginia, she swung the Lawless Industries dragster "Hammerdown" the quarter-mile length of the dragstrip in a blistering 7.89 seconds at 161.87 ...

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    Motorsports: Swamp Rat 37 gets its six motors running, headed for the speedway

    Going fast never gets old, and neither, it seems, does Don Garlits. At 82 years of age, the legendary drag racing pioneer still feels the need for speed and the desire to break new ground and records on the track. Now, his "Quest for 200 MPH" in an electric dragster is entering the final stages ...

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    Video: Assault & Battery guilty of breaking 1/4-mile drag racing record

    In the case of "Assault & Battery" versus the Royal Purple Raceway, we find the defendant guilty of the breaking the record for the quickest quarter-mile in a door-slamming electric vehicle. Owned and operated by one Mr. John Metric – who just happens to be the current president of the ...

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    Video: Don Garlits drives electric Swamp Rat #37 in preparation of record attempt

    "Big Daddy" Don Garlits is a legend in drag racing. Over the decades he's set a lot of records, and was the first to break hit 200 miles per hour in the quarter-mile (and the eighth-mile, for that matter). Now, at the tender age of 81, he's getting ready to do it again. This time, in an electric ...

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    Video: Killacycle battles Predator head-to-head, new record set

    The weather wasn't cooperative for the EV drag racing faithful at the recent Bookman's Spring Thaw, but with the largest assemblage of top machines and drivers on hand ever, even a little rain and wind couldn't completely get in the way of some battery-powered racing awesomeness. With the action ...

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    Spring Thaw will bring flood of electric racers to Tucson this weekend

    Although it's been a pretty mild winter across most of the U.S., electric racers are planning a serious Spring Thaw celebration down in Tucson, AZ this Saturday. And by serious, we mean multiple NEDRA-record-holder serious. Attendees can expect to see old favorites, such as John Wayland's ...

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    Video: StuntBusters asks, Which is faster, EV or ICE?

    Faithful readers of AutoblogGreen may be well aware of the high-performance abilities of electric drivetrains on the drag strip (see White Zombie, Black Current and Lawless Rocket for examples) but sadly, many others haven't yet gotten the torque-rules memo. Enter Stuntbusters. Finding some time ...

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    VIDEO: Killacycle rider sets quarter mile record... in a Tesla Roadster Sport?

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    It was another record-setting weekend for Killacycle pilot Scotty Pollachek at the Wayland Invitational drag racing event at the Portland International Raceway. However, he wasn't mounted atop the world's quickest electric ride during the ...

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    Electric beats gas. At least on the drag strip!

    Broom! Or shoud we say Bzzzzz! The video shows how a real sleeper, a 1972 Datsun Sedan converted to EV beats a 2005 Corvette on the drag strip. The Datsun, called the White Zombie, makes 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds, far better than any other street legal car. Or if you want to push it harder, from 0 ...


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