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    Report: Angry Nissan Leaf Driver may make 'Rolling Coal' illegal in New Jersey
    This Is What Happens When You Smoke Out A State Rep 1407781620

    It's always a few bad apples who ruin polluting just for fun for the rest of us. That time-honored American tradition of being rude for laughs, otherwise known as 'rolling coal,' might become illegal in New Jersey, if a Nissan Leaf-driving politician gets his way. The politician in question is ...

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    Official: EPA's $9M clean diesel campaign could pay back $117M in health benefits

    Diesel fumes are bad for people. But diesel power is good for a lot of heavy-duty work. So, for now, one answer to threading the needle of that little conundrum is to make diesel engines as clean as possible. To that end, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced $9 million worth ...

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    Report: Your car's exhaust can cause, not just trigger, kids' asthma

    Stick your head too close to an old car's exhaust, and we're willing to be dollars to donuts that you'll start coughing. It turns out that vehicle exhaust isn't just bad for you until the air clears. All that nastiness has a serious long-term effect, and can even cause asthma in children. That's ...

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    Report: Engineers putting wasted engine heat to good use: improving fuel economy

    Gasoline-powered, internal combustion engines are notoriously inefficient. Some estimates say as much as 70 percent of the fuel's energy is lost to friction and heat. An Automotive News story has engineers saying that only three percent is due to friction. To engineers, that's a huge pot of ...

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    Report: Mullite mineral reduces diesel engine pollution by almost 50%

    People looking to maintain their health have long been advised to take their minerals. Will trucks be doing the same thing? Maybe. A mineral made from the oxide family has been found to cut diesel-engine pollution by as much as 45 percent and may be able to replace the use of platinum as a ...

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    Car exhaust shown to alter weather patterns

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    We're anything but weather experts around here, but we were still interested in new data that shows how weather patterns are altered by automotive exhaust. Apparently, it's been known for quite some time that the fumes from our cars and trucks causes stronger updrafts and ...

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    Should we ban the catalytic converter?

    The catalytic converter is a good example of engineering our way to cleaner cars. What am I saying? It may be the single, shinning, GREAT example of green car technology. That little thing that fits in your exhaust pipe has kept pollution out of the air since its introduction in 1975. Heck, in the ...

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    Sensing greenhouse gases in Norway - readings are now the highest ever

    It seems that if you are interested in checking air quailty, the mountains in Norway make an excellent choice. Sensors there can detect the carbon readings from a single fox, according to this article. This sensitive detection also allows scientists to tell where certain pollutants are coming ...

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    Spray-on ceramic coating from Zirotec helps reduce underhood temps

    The technology that is being brought to the fore here is one that doesn't really seem green at first glance. The idea is to spray this specialized coating on components such as exhaust manifolds that get hot. The coating can dramatically reduce the temperatures of the component. Upon further ...


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