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    Motorsports: Andretti Sports Marketing will bring Formula E race to downtown Miami

    A famous racing name is going to help bring zero-emission F1-style racing to downtown Miami next year. Andretti Sports Marketing will be the official event organizers for the Formula E race in the Magic City in the spring of 2015. Andretti Sports Marketing is no stranger to hosting urban ...

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    Motorsports: FIA Formula E publishes provisional calendar, adds Dragon Racing to participants

    Fans of electric motorsport should mark the 20th of September, 2014 on their calendars – in pencil, please. The FIA Formula E Championship has released the provisional itinerary for its inaugural racing season, and it's on this date that things are set to kick off in Beijing, China. There ...

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    Video: Mate Rimac's e-M3 launches itself into FIA record books

    A few years back, Mate Rimac replaced the internal combustion drivetrain in his 1986 BMW E30 with an electric one and dubbed it the bi-moto EV – it was originally intended it to have two motors. Then, in a quest to build the fastest electric car ever, he reconfigured that original setup ...

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    Motorsports: Formula E to turn racing into team sport, secures Rio as first official host

    If you've been yearning for some electric road-racing action of the four-wheeled variety, rest assured, plans for the FIA Formula E Championship are firming up and moving forward. In fact, Rio de Janeiro has just officially signed up to host one of the events in 2014, possibly near Gloria ...

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    Official: Bluebird unveils unreal-looking Bluebird GTL for Formula E series

    Go ahead, feast your eyes on the kinds of vehicles that might compete in the FIA's upcoming Formula E. Maybe it's the enclosed cockpit, maybe it the Alien-esque color and lines, maybe it's just us, but the just-unveiled Bluebird GTL Formula E racing car concept looks for all the world like ...

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    Motorsports: Le Mans places limits on new hybrid LMPs

    Diesel power may still be the dominant force at the forefront of endurance sportscar racing centered around Le Mans, but this year sees a new form of propulsion on the field: hybrids. Both Toyota and Audi are hitting the newly inaugurated World Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans ...

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    Rumormill: Audi testing revised R18 at Sebring with possible hybrid power

    After dominating Le Mans-class endurance sportscar racing for years now, Audi is left with little to prove. Plus, with sister-company Porsche returning with an LMP1 program of its own, and Bentley reportedly considering the same, rumors have been circulating that the four-ringed automaker could ...

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    Official: Kleenspeed pitches Formula E concept to FIA

    The FIA is serious about developing environmentally friendly forms of motorsport. But while its premier series – Formula One – is implementing new measures like regenerative braking and heat-energy recuperation, F1 remains a fossil fuel-powered sport. That's where Formula E comes ...

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    Frankfurt: 2012 Formula Ford brings EcoBoost to open-wheel racing

    We're officially grabbing our helmets and ready to go racing. in Frankfurt, Ford has pulled what must have been an unusually creased sheet off of its 2012 Formula Ford racecar, and while the shape is similar to Formula F racers from years past, it somehow appears altogether modern thanks to the ...

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    FIA outlines 2013 Formula E electric racing series, calls for competitors

    On April 5th, Jean Todt, president of the FIA, expressed his interest in an electrified Formula One racing series. Some months have passed since then, so here we present a rundown of updates on this ongoing project: The FIA is currently calling for expression of interest from automakers and ...

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    Report: F1 back-tracking on electric propulsion in pit lanes

    Formula One racing certainly holds an electrifying level of excitement for the legions of fans around the world, but don't go counting on that translating to electric propulsion just yet. We recently reported on the FIA's new technical regulations for 2014 and beyond, which, in addition to ...

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    Renault concerned about silent electric F1 cars in the pit lane

    Of all the teams and manufacturers in F1, typically Renault has been the most supportive of the FIA's push for more environmentally-friendly means of propulsion. The French manufacturer – which has, in the "civilian" market, often been at the forefront of the electric car scene – was ...

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    Official: Official: FIA mandates electric-only propulsion for F1 grand prix pit lanes

    Go back into the history of grand prix racing, and the only green you'd expect to see was the color of a British racing car and the vast quantity of cash injected into the sport. But today, Formula One is a different scene, thanks in no small part to a push by the FIA for a more environmentally ...

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    Report: FIA president Jean Todt interested in new electric F1 series

    Are you prepared for Formula One, Electric Boogaloo? Jean Todt, President of the FIA, apparently is, and he hopes to introduce a few new racing series that will provide a platform for an electrified Formula One racing series. Before we get to see a fully-fledged electric F1 league, The Telegraph ...

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    F1 teams consider bringing back KERS for 2011

    BMW Sauber F1.09 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A great debate is currently taking place between Formula One teams as to whether they should reinstate the use of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) for next year. The proposal is being considered by the team principals ...

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    Bridgestone and FIA start a campaign to promote green driving

    Wow, another list. Japanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone and the International Automobile Federation (FIA) have announced a new campaign to promote "green driving." The campaign, nicknamed "Makes car green," aims to raise awareness among drivers so they can reduce their impact on the environment. ...

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    EU wants Formula One to get more environmentally relevant

    Up through the mid-nineties, Formula One racing was a bastion of technological innovation. Cars ran with 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-cylinder engines. There were naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. They had active suspension systems. Since that time the sports governing body, the FIA has been ...

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    Information on the hybrid Formula 1 drivetrain from Torotrak and Xtrac

    We have often brought up the fact that the Formula 1 racing series, and their sanctioning body the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), would like to showcase improved efficiency and use technology that is more relevant to the cars that are actually driven on the street. Honda has taken ...

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    Formula One could have biofuel turbo V-6s in 2011

    The sanctioning body for Formula One racing, the FIA, is currently examining options for new engine rules for 2011 and beyond. Over the past year they've been throwing out various proposals including hybrid powertrains. The latest proposal is a switch from the current 2.4L V-8 formula to 2.2L ...


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