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ford escape hybrid

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    Report: Ford says its regenerative brakes have saved 100 million gallons of gas

    Ford is taking the time to trumpet technology that's let drivers go further by stopping gradually. Specifically, the Blue Oval says the various versions of its regenerative braking systems have generated enough energy to offset the use of 100 million gallons of fuel, Wards Auto writes. Ford's ...

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    Hybrid vehicle sales slip in September 2011; Prius tops chart again *UPDATE

    It's that time of month again. September 2011 sales in the U.S. have been tallied (see plug-in results here) and so we took a look at the good-old green standby, hybrid vehicles. With quake-related vehicle production issues more or less out of the picture, output of most hybrid vehicles is back ...

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    Ford Fusion Hybrid, Escape Hybrid rated tops in customer payback, value

    Ford asks: "are all hybrids created equal?" Well, um, no. Take, for example, the Toyota Prius. It's ultra-fuel efficient and starts at a reasonable $23,050. On the flip side, there's the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid with an EPA rating of 21 miles per gallon city and 25 mpg highway. Its price of ...

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    Hybrid sales up 39% in February; Toyota Prius leads the pack

    Ford Fusion Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's that time again: February 2011 sales have been tallied and hybrid vehicles posted gains of 39 percent compared to the same month last year. Overall, sales of hybrid models hit 23,263 units in February, accounting for ...

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    San Francisco's green taxi fleet and how it got there

    San Francisco is leading the way in reducing taxi greenhouse gas emissions, and part of the movement was spearheaded not by a politician, but by a taxi driver. Thirteen years ago, Paul Gillespie was the first cabbie to occupy the seat allocated to a driver in the newly formed 7-person San ...

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    NYPD orders up 200 more hybrids from Ford, doubles size of HEV fleet

    Imagine a police chase in Manhattan where a Ford Fusion Hybrid pulls up behind the criminal followed by a few Priuses, an Escape Hybrid and a couple of Altima hybrids. Now, think of the scenario where the criminal, driving his gas-guzzling Hummer, takes off out of the city limits on a ...

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    DC 2010: Ford's Nancy Gioia talks electrification progress, status of Leno's Focus Electrics

    We heard from Ford CEO Alan Mulally yesterday about his company's overall work with the U.S. government on energy policy. He's not the only Ford representative at the show worth talking to at the Washington Auto Show, though, and we got to sit down with Nancy Gioia, Ford's director of global ...

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    So Smart: Canadian Cancer Society offering chance to win Escape Hybrid if smokers quit

    Either the Canadian Cancer Society really wants you to stop smoking, or, what feels more likely, it simply has a Ford Escape Hybrid it's trying to get rid of. If you're a resident of Ontario and you're 19 years old by March 1, the group's Driven to Quit contest will reward you and a buddy if you ...

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    Ford may pass Honda as second best hybrid seller in U.S.

    2009 Ford Escape Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery
    There's no doubt about which automaker leads the hybrid vehicle race. Toyota – and particularly the Japanese automaker's Prius hybrid hatchback – outsells all other manufacturers combined. In total, Automotive News (sub. ...

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    2010 Ford Escape hybrid gets upgraded battery and software

    2009 Ford Escape Hybrid - click above for high res image gallery
    In the spirit of continuous improvement, Ford is again updating the powertrain of its Escape/Mariner hybrids. After a thorough revamp just a year ago, the hybrid crossovers are now benefiting from the development work that went into ...

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    Hydro Quebec joins Ford Escape PHEV test program

    Ford plug-in hybrid Escape - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford's Escape plug-in hybrid test program has found another electric utility partner for its field test program. Hydro-Quebec has been selected by Ford and the Electric Power Research Institute to join the three-year program. ...

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    Hybrid hacks are a hit in San Francisco

    Creative Commons by Ian Fuller
    While the use of hybrids as taxis has met with mixed reviews in New York, they seem to be something of a hit in San Francisco. Its first 15 Ford Escape hybrids have all clocked about 300,000 miles on their odometers which, in the City by the Bay, means they must be ...

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    St. Petersburg to test 'plug-in' hybrid cars in green partnership

    Click the plug-in hybrid Escape for a high res gallery
    The city of St. Petersburg, Florida isn't part of Ford's plug-in hybrid test program but it will soon be testing a PHEV Escape anyway. Progress Energy will be partnering with the Florida city to convert one of the 14 Escape hybrids in the city ...

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    What are some advanced battery basics for beginners?

    Electric cars have been with us since the very beginning of the automobile age and from that time until now, its most important component has been the battery. It stores energy chemically until it is needed to create the electricity that powers a vehicle's motor. There have been different types ...

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    Ford builds 100,000th hybrid SUV, bakes a cake

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the Ford Escape Hybrid
    Today, Ford celebrates a new milestone in the life of its hybrid SUV platform as the 100,000th vehicle rolls down the assembly line at the Blue Oval's Assembly Plant in Kansas City. This production total includes all Ford Escape ...

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    Hybrids dominate the Intellichoice Best Overall Value of the Year Awards

    Click above for a gallery of the Ford Escape Hybrid
    IntelliChoice used the Chicago Auto Show to announce its Best Overall Value of the Year Awards, and, lo and behold, it's loaded up with hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles. Included in the list of winners for 2009 are:
    Honda Civic Hybrid for ...

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    Ford hybrid and BMW and VW diesels make Ward's 10 best engines list

    Ward's Auto World has published its 15th annual ten best engines list and several fuel efficient powertrains have been honored. Two new diesel engines were joined by Ford's Escape hybrid on the list. The dual turbocharged 3.0L inline 6 cylinder diesel from BMW and the Volkswagen 2.0L TDI were the ...

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    Mulally first to announce that he's driving to Congress, will take Escape hybrid

    Well whadda' ya know. At least one Detroit CEO is planning on driving down to Washington from the Motor City in a real, honest-to-goodness car SUV. We've grown a bit tired of hearing people talk about whether or not Wagoner, Mulally and Nardelli should have flown in their respective company's ...

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    Nancy Gioia discusses hybrids, plug-ins and battery leases

    Following the reveal of the Ford Fusion Hybrid at the Los Angeles Auto show last week, Ford's director of sustainable mobility technology Nancy Gioia spoke with Green Fuels Forecast about a number of topics. Top of the list, of course, was the new hybrid sedan and the fact that Ford has decided not ...

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    Nissan, GM and Ford agree to build hybrid taxis for New York City

    It's time to say adios to the classic yellow Ford Crown Vic. In May 2007, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans to transform the city's ubiquitous yellow cab fleet from the old school Ford Crown Victorias to all hybrids. For the past couple of years, a variety of hybrid vehicles have ...


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