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    Exclusive: Plug In 2014: ALTe ready to join Ford's EQVM to convert, sell F-150 PHEV [w/video]
    Plug-in Hybrid Truck Still Has Hurdles To Jump 1407179040

    It's been a while since we've checked in with ALTe and its plans to convert big work vehicles like the Ford F-150 into plug-in hybrids. So, when we saw a demonstration vehicle sitting outside the San Jose Convention Center at the Plug In 2014 Conference last week, we had to get a closer look. ...

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    Detroit CEOs speak up on efficiency and electrification

    In 2006, with the Ford Motor Co. losing boatloads of money, little cash on hand and little of interest in its product pipeline, then-CEO Bill Ford, Jr. announced a major restructuring and brought in Boeing executive vice president Alan Mulally as its new president and CEO. One of Mulally's first ...

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    Project Get Ready Rhode Island looking for 10,000 electric vehicles in five years

    Ford PHEV Escape – Click above for high-res image gallery
    How many plug-in vehicles should there be in the smallest state in the U.S.? Project Get Ready Rhode Island thinks about 10,000. That's the group's stated goal for 2015, which would mean that two percent of the state's registered ...

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    Ford announces electric vehicle-to-grid communications system

    Ford Focus EV - Click above for high-res image gallery
    At a conference in Dearborn today with its utility and research partners, Ford announced a new intelligent vehicle-to-grid communications system. This communications strategy is a major component of the field test program that has been ...

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    U.S. DOE pays for half of Ford's $20m plug-in Escape hybrid program

    Ford - along with utilities Southern California Edison, the Electric Power Research Institute, DTE and battery-maker Johnson Controls/Saft - has been working on its plug-in hybrid Escape program for a long while. Yesterday, Ford announced the good news that the federal government has decided to ...

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    Ford content to fall behind on PHEVs

    GM thinks that it has learned the lesson not to fall behind on technology and won't make that same mistake again. It's for this reason that the Volt is such a big deal for the automaker. Depending on how the next few years play out, though, we will either look back on Ford and realize just how ...

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    Here's the scoop on Ford and Southern California Edison's new plug-in hybrid partnership

    digg_url = ''; The announcement from Ford and Southern California Edison about their plug-in hybrid vehicle joint electric transportation initiative is now starting out in California. Some hints ...

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    Ford and SCE's plug-in hybrid testing details start to leak out

    We're still waiting for the official announcement from Ford and Southern California Edison on their plug-in hybrid plans, which will be coming in a few hours, but the AP has come out with a story that gives us a few more details on this "effort to speed up delivery of mass produced hybrid vehicles ...

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    Ford and SoCal Edison to make plug-in hybrid announcement

    On Monday July 9, the CEOs from Ford and Edison International are scheduled to make an announcement about a plug-in hybrid project. Although no further details are available right now, it seems likely that Ford will supply some plug-in hybrid vehicles for Southern California Edison to test in their ...

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    Quantum announces $2.1 million plug-in hybrid deal with California's South Coast AQMD

    A favorite of the U.S. Army, Ford and GM for various hydrogen vehicle services (see links below), Quantum announced today that the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) has given Quantum a $2.1 million contract to "develop and demonstrate plug-in hybrid electric vehicles ...

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    Ford considers building a plug-in hybrid

    Ford's director of hybrid programs, Nancy Gioia delivered a speech at the Automotive News World Congress, in Dearborn and revealed that Ford is considering building a plug-in hybrid vehicle. So far, Ford's hybrid efforts have been limited to the Escape/Mariner/Tribute, although a Fusion hybrid is ...

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    Hybrids Plus, Inc. to build PHEV Escape for New York State

    The state of New York has awarded a contract to Hybrids Plus to build a plug-in Ford Escape Hybrid. The intent of the program is to evaluate the viability of plug-in hybrids and how much of an environmental benefit can be achieved on an SUV. The Escape will be tested for use in the New York state ...


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