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    Ford picks Johnson Controls-Saft to supply batteries for PHEV Escapes

    When Ford handed over the keys to a plug-in Escape hybrid to Southern California Edison last December, one of many secrets the companies kept to themselves was which battery maker was responsible for the lithium-ion batteries fulfilling the electric part of the equation. The company has now been ...

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    Ford Escape hybrid earns $33,000 for Santa Monica Bay group at auction

    SUVs just aren't as popular as they used to be. Last June, when Ford donated a 2007 Ford Escape hybrid to the Santa Monica Bay protection group Heal The Bay, the SUV sold for $37,000. A year later, the same company gives the same vehicle (well, a 2008 model) to the same group, but this time the ...

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    LA County ocean lifeguards find themselves in Ford Escape Hybrids

    Ford is providing Los Angeles County Ocean Lifeguards with 45 customized Escape Hybrids. The Escapes will be used to patrol 72 miles of Southern California coastline. According to Mike Frazer, chief of Lifeguard Services for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, "We wanted to be the first public ...

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    ABG First Impression: Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid w/Video

    At the New York Auto Show last week we had our first opportunity to actually go for a drive in one of Ford's new plug-in hybrid Escapes. Last year Ford announced a partnership with Southern California Edison to build and test twenty plug-in hybrid Escapes. SCE will be using the crossovers in their ...

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    DC Auto Show: Ford refines the Escape/Mariner hybrids

    Just in time to better compete with the upcoming Saturn Vue Two-Mode hybrid, Ford is rolling out a series of updates to the Escape and Mariner (and likely the badge engineered Mazda Tribute) hybrids. The big news is an updated 2.5L four cylinder engine that supplants the existing 2.3L unit. The ...

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    EVS23: Ford's plug-in Escape hybrid handover videos

    Back at EVS23, Ford handed over the keys for a plug-in hybrid Escape to Southern California Edison. I've finally had time to edit together the video I shot that day, so watch it already. :)In the first part of this video (above) we see the PHEV Escape arrive at the Anaheim Convention Center ...

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    EVS23: Ford hands over the plug-in Escape hybrid to SCE

    Representatives from Ford and Southern California Edison were obviously quite excited about a big event on Monday at EVS23, where Ford's Sue Cischke (second from left), senior vice president, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering and Nancy Gioia (right), director, Sustainable Mobility, ...

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    Ford delivers first plug-in hybrid to California South Edison

    Ford announced that a Ford Escape plug-in hybrid, able to reach 120 mpg (yes, that's what they say) has already been delivered to utility company California South Edison as "part of unique partnership to advance commercialization of PHEVs." It's the first of a series of 20 vehicles which will ...

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    Ford Escape hybrids at the red carpet

    Did you think that only BMW was going to show its green vehicle technologies via the entertainment industry? Not likely. Now it's time for Ford, which has a bunch of Escape Hybrids that are going to be the official transportation for the Screen Actors Guild's (SAG) Award of Excellence Star on ...


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