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frog design

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    Video: New year, new idea: gondolas as public transport in megacities

    Here's a new thought for the new year: stringing public transportation pods between buildings, also known as gondolas. This is the idea of Michael McDaniel, a designer at Frog Design, who proposed The Wire, a hanging mass transit solution for Austin, TX. The Wire answers the question that Frog ...

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    Two Wheels: Frog Design revisits the Rana, makes it electric

    Back in 1985, Frog Design chief Hartmut Esslinger took a break from his work concocting sleek boxes for Apple Computer to pen a modern take on the motorcycle. The resulting Rana – also known as the frog FZ750 – caused quite a stir and became the inspiration for the Honda Hurricane. ...

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    Hydrogen fuel-cell powered H-racer toy wins cool award

    In their third annual Bottom Line Design Awards for ingenuity in business success, Business 2.0 and Frog Design have awarded the H-racer hydrogen fuel-cell powered toy as one of "the 11 coolest new products on the Planet." The toy car, created by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, comes complete with ...


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