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gas tax

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    Report: What's this, a bipartisan proposal to increase the US gas tax?
    Senators Corker (R) And Murphy (D) Want To Tie It To Inflation 1403641620

    It would be the first federal hike in gas taxes since 1993. One Democrat and one Republican senator are reaching across the aisle to try to solve an upcoming funding shortfall for US road improvements. Of course, it involves raising taxes, so this first step might also be the last in the ...

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    Report: Beijing adding pollution tax to gas prices by next year

    The Chinese government is about to put its money where everyone's mouth (and nose, for that matter) is by enforcing an automobile-pollution refueling tax in the notably polluted city of Beijing, Gasgoo says, citing Xcar. Beijing will be China's first city to enact such a pollution tax when it ...

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    Official: With 38.2 cents per gallon, California is tops for state gas taxes

    This might come as puzzling news for any Angeleno or San Franciscan whose head is ringing from the most recent batch of potholes: California has the highest state gas taxes in the country, charging almost five times as much per gallon as low-tax states such as Alaska and Georgia, the US Energy ...

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    Report: Oregon lawmakers considering instituting mileage tax... again

    In a move likely to cause an uproar across Portland-area coffeehouses, Oregon's state legislature is again considering instituting a per-mile tax on super-fuel-efficient cars and electric vehicles. The state is looking to recuperate revenue lost because more fuel efficient vehicles on the road ...

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    Report: Bay Area studying taxing the miles we drive: good idea or worst idea?

    In some ways, taxing people for the miles they drive makes sense. After all, we need money to keep roads in good shape and it already happens today, indirectly, through gasoline taxes. But when anyone talks about taxing the miles directly – i.e., through a mileage or "vehicle miles ...

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    Report: Italy hikes gas taxes to raise money for earthquake relief

    Tragedy is a relative concept. Some would call it a tragedy that, while Italy makes some of the most desirable (and gas-guzzling) cars on the market, it also has some of the highest fuel prices in Europe. But that unfortunate reality is far overshadowed by the two earthquakes that have struck the ...

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    Opinion: Climate change and the redistribution of carbon-sourced wealth

    For a multitude of reasons – climate change, air quality, national security, etc. – a large reduction in the burning of carbon-based fuels is a good idea. Since higher prices are known to reduce consumption, one way to achieve this is to simply put a tax on fuel at the pump. It's been ...

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    CBO: new CAFE rules will short Highway Trust Fund by $57b by 2022

    Oh, the gas tax, always a contentious issue. We've covered it throughout the years but now the Congressional Budget Office is reminding us that the time has come to move well beyond simple discussion and politics: the Highway Trust Fund is not getting enough money to pay for the transportation ...

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    Poll: Apparently people want to pay higher tolls than more gas taxes

    The Reason organization identifies itself as libertarian, but the group's latest Reason-Rupe poll of 1,200 Americans found more Democrats out there (45 percent) than Republicans (35) or "Pure Independents" (16). Whatever the political leanings of the participants and the methodology used, the ...

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    Opinion: Increasing CAFE standards is only the second-best solution to greener cars

    Higher CAFE standards force manufacturers to build cars that get better mileage, or at least adjust the mix of vehicles they sell. In the decades since the first set of CAFE standards were imposed, we've gone from an average fuel economy of just 13.1 mpg to a less-awful 22.5 mpg. As time goes on, ...

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    Report: Next Congressional battle: renewing the federal gas tax

    If the U.S. economy wasn't in shambles, renewing the federal excise tax on gasoline would be routine. But, as Congress intensely debated the national debt recently, the gas tax got moved to the back burner. This is a potential problem. With most of the 18.4-cent per gallon gasoline tax set to ...

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    New survey finds the majority of likely US voters do not want an increase in gasoline tax

    While people are pretty sure the U.S. government needs to do something about the country's mounting debt, raising gas taxes is not going to be a popular part of the solution. Recently, Rasmussen Reports conducted a national telephone survey and found that only 33 percent of U.S. voters supported a ...

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    Will higher-MPG vehicles starve highway funding?

    It happens every time there's a proposal on the table for increased fuel efficiency. Someone runs the math, points out that high mileage vehicles use less gasoline, then warns that less gas means less gas taxes for maintaining roads. In this case, that someone is Ben Wear over at the ...

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    Infographic: Taxed at the pump

    With the price of a single gallon of gasoline hovering around $4.00, it's not like gas comes cheap. In fact, seven out of ten Americans say that soaring pump prices are causing financial hardships. We bet you didn't know that the nationwide average tax on gasoline of 49.5 cents per gallon has ...

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    Report: Glenn Beck goes off on GM's Akerson over proposed $1 gas tax, calls Volt "crappy"

    If there's one thing that is fast becoming true about the Chevy Volt, it's that right-wing political pundits really, really don't like it. So, we will admit up front that this story comes straight out of the "predictable/it's not news when an idiot says something stupid" file, but it's still ...

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    CEO Akerson says higher gas tax would be good for environment, GM

    Don't hate the man who thinks the Toyota Prius is a geekmobile he "wouldn't be caught dead in." You see, the CEO of General Motors, Daniel Akerson, actually wants more people to buy Priuses. Okay, that's a stretch, but Akerson did tell the Detroit News that he thinks the federal gas tax should be ...

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    Minnesota studying mileage-based user fee to replace gas tax

    The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MN-DOT) is looking to recruit 500 residents of Wright and Hennepin counties to test technology that could eventually be used to collect a mileage-based user fee (MBUF) in lieu of the state's gasoline tax. Cory Johnson, MN-DOT project manager, claims ...

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    Three states considering taxing electric cars to compensate for lost gas taxes

    Opting to buy a battery-powered, all-electric vehicle not only frees your vehicle of tailpipe emissions. It also means owners of plug-ins don't have to pay gas taxes, right? Well, for residents of the states of Washington, Oregon and Texas, that sort of depends on whether or not soon-to-be ...

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    Raising gas tax could diminish possibility of an oil-driven recession

    Gas taxes are, according to numerous elected officials in the U.S., the single most unpopular tax among voters. Likewise, when legislators and government officials discuss increasing the gas tax, a heated debate almost always ensues. Over at the the Economist, Ryan Avent presented this compelling ...

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    Can you imagine paying a voluntary gas tax? Some already do

    If you've got the money to buy an electric car, would you be willing to pay a voluntary gas tax? How about if you're an avid biker, and are using public roads without buying much gas – should you chip in to keep those roads in good repair? Or what if you just want to remind yourself that ...


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