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    Official: Ford ready to install GE Wattstations at 60 locations in North America

    Upper-level Ford executives are sending mixed messages about the power of plug-in vehicles, but in the companies parking lots across North America, at least, the signal is clear: come on and charge your EV. Today, Ford and GE announced that the Blue Oval will be installing Wattstation chargers ...

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    Official: Audi, MIT, GE start cab ridesharing study in New York City

    Audi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) and General Electric are getting together to study something that won't likely be thrilling for New York City cab drivers. But there are bigger fish to fry and keeping cabbies happy. The German automaker is working with MIT's Senseable City Lab ...

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    Report: GE having second thoughts about EVs, eyeing CNG option

    It shouldn't be surprising that a company with the word electric in its name would want to plug into the growth of EVs. Even so, when General Electric announced in 2010 that it would buy 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015, the sheer size of the bulk buy made headlines, for the size of the ...

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    Official: GE buys 2,000 Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrids

    Who says being first to the party is all that and a bag of chips? Ford has announced a new deal where GE will buy 2,000 C-Max Energi Plug-In Hybrids, which is cool, but it's not the only batch of plug-ins that GE is interested in. The company previously made deals with both Nissan and GM. GE has ...

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    Official: First Sanya Skypump puts wind in your 'tank' near Barcelona, Spain

    Sometimes, a clever name sends a clear, defining message. With the Skypump, Urban Green Energy and GE, have portmanteued two simple words about their new product – a wind-powered electric vehicle charging station – into a name that says, hey, this is something different. Of course, ...

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    Official: GE says WattStations not to blame for Nissan Leaf charging problems

    It's not us. That's what General Electric is saying after reports surfaced that some charging stations – namely, its GE WattStations – were causing the on-board charger in some Nissan Leafs to be damaged. General Electric says it's a software issue specific to Nissan's electric car, ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf doesn't play nice with GE's WattStation

    General Electric's WattStation home charging stations are damaging the on-board chargers of some Nissan Leafs, causing GE to acknowledge issues with the station and to work with Nissan on solving the issue, according to recent reports. One Nissan dealership in the San Francisco Bay Area sent ...

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    Official: With WattStation Connect, GE using PayPal for electric vehicle fill-ups

    It's not too difficult to make the case that PayPal has already played a large role in the modern resurgence of electric vehicles. After all, Elon Musk – now the CEO of Tesla Motors – made a nice chunk of coin selling the online payment service to eBay before coming to the EV company. ...

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    Report: GE says WattStation Connect EV-charger locator is a potential revenue generator

    Yes, you can make some extra cash by letting electric-vehicle drivers charge up at your house. That's the pitch from General Electric for its WattStation Connect cloud-based program that lets homeowners publicize their availability and charging rates, according to Wired. While PlugShare and ...

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    Video: SAE Congress: GE charges up Nissan's EV plans

    Nissan and GE shared a booth at the SAE World Congress in Detroit recently to emphasize the way the two companies want to connects your car and various appliances to the emerging smart grid. The common piece of equipment is the new WattStation, which is an electric vehicle charging station that ...

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    Report: General Electric CEO says electric vehicles will reach 'tipping point'

    True belief or wishful thinking? That's the question some may ask about General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt and his statement that electric vehicles will become more than a just niche market in the U.S. Immelt, speaking at a Detroit automotive conference on Tuesday, said GE will continue to invest ...

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    Nissan, GE ink deal to fast track electric vehicle adoption

    Who's ready for more EVs? General Electric and Nissan – the manufacturer of the zero-emissions Leaf – have signed a two-year deal to collectively explore ways to promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles here in the United States and around the globe. Mark Little, director ...

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    General Motors and GE team up to accelerate plug-in vehicle deployment in China

    Two years after it was saved by a federal government bailout in the U.S., General Motors is over in China trumpeting its latest investments there. With its Chinese joint venture partner, Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corp. (SAIC), GM manufactures Buick, Chevy and Cadillac vehicles in China, ...

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    Ask Better Place's Shai Agassi a question

    Recently, Ecomagination, General Electric's cleantech and sustainable infrastructure website, interviewed Shai Agassi, the founder and chief executive officer of battery swap specialist Better Place. Questions centered on how Better Place will forever change the notion that electric vehicles are ...

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    PSA Peugeot Citroen teams with GE for Europe-wide electric vehicle leasing

    The road to 25,000 EVs is paved one car at at time. At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show,PSA Peugeot Citroen and General Electric signed an agreement that calls for the co-development of e-mobility in Europe. The non-exclusive agreement, will see GE Capital lease Peugeot and Citroen electric ...

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    GE, Lowe's partner to sell WattStation home charger

    Announced today at the Plug-In 2011 Conference, GE Energy Industrial Solutions and home improvement giant Lowe's will team up to offer consumers the wall-mounted, residential-use General Electric WattStation plug-in vehicle charger. Starting in August, Lowe's will stock the GE WattStation at ...

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    GE unveils EV Solar Carport in Connecticut

    On Thursday, Luis Ramírez, chief executive officer of General Electric energy industrial solutions, joined Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy, to unveil and celebrate the grand opening of GE's Electric Vehicle (EV) Solar Carport in Plainville, CT. The EV Solar Carport project, hailed by ...

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    GE, Naza Group to explore potential for electric vehicles in Malaysia

    General Electric and Malaysian automotive group Naza have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore the potential for electric vehicles in Southeast Asian nation. GE Asean chief executive officer, Stuart Dean, expects strong synergies to result from the collaboration and says that the ...

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    GE to host seven-city Electric Vehicle Experience Tour

    General Electric, the corporation that, back in November of 2010, committed to purchasing 25,000 plug-in vehicles, including 12,000 Chevy Volts by 2015, will host a seven-city Electric Vehicle Experience Tour aimed at educating the public on plug-in vehicle technology and deployment. GE has ...

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    GE, Siemens will compete with electric vehicle charger startups

    GE WattStation – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Massive corporations such as General Electric and Siemens AG are getting ready to compete with lesser-known startups like Ecotality, Coulomb Technologies and Aerovironment for your electric vehicle charging dollars. GE is ...


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